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Looking for great SH/CW Clan

FC 3K WN8 19 Tier 10s Active SH/CW CPLAY WGPL

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Whisky_Priest #1 Posted 01 November 2017 - 02:22 PM


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I am looking for a clan for primarily Stronghold play but am open to Clan Wars also.


I hate random battles in this game, they offer nothing for me so I do not play them. I will be playing each Tier 10 I own and each premium tank I own once to get them on the record. Currently this has me at around 3800 WN8, I used to play around 3000 WN8 so I am guessing once all tanks have been played (About 50 tier 8's to go) then that is where my stats will sit. I can provide link to my 1st account if you want, its currently just used for fun with old friends.


I have FC experience at Tier 10 & Tier 8 at a high level, but I always prefer not to FC, I am a much much better player when not FC'ing.


Global Map Absolute Tier 10 : 65% Win Rate | 200+ Battles

Global Map Absolute Tier 8 :  67% Win Rate | 280+ Battles

Team Battles : 73% Win Rate | 900+ Battles

Skirmishes : 69% Win Rate | 4300+ Battles 


Current Stats (Worthless as described above but here you go)

This has me as commander of a clan, I am not, its just I was the last random battle I played, so it has not updated on wotlabs.


My Tier 10 Tanks (Have 700k Free XP to use also, probably getting the FV183 before the new TD is released)


Notable History

  • Was in [PTS] for the first clan war campaign, clan came 2nd place.
  • Got the reward tanks in every CW campaign I have played. (M60, VK, Chieftain/T95, IS-5 & T95E6
  • Was in CPLAY for Season 4 of the WGPL. Came in 3rd place, got a shiny medal.


I am available 3-4 days a week to play, shift work rules me out the other days. Feel free to PM me on forums, in game or on discord (Whisky Priest #8104). You can post on here but chances are I will not respond to the copy paste stuff. 


Thanks for your time.


Whisky Priest


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FireflyDivision #2 Posted 01 November 2017 - 05:10 PM


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Don't recruit him! He knows nothing!




NL_Jens #3 Posted 01 November 2017 - 06:30 PM


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Hi Whisky_Priest! 


OXIDE is still looking for players with lots of tier 10 tanks and some nice statistics. 

Your profile seems good for us, you may consider joining our clan. 


We play on the Global Map almost every day and we'll also participate in the next CP :izmena:




Whisky_Priest #4 Posted 03 November 2017 - 05:23 PM


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Had a couple of interesting conversations with guys, just to let you know my position.


I don't rush into these decisions, I am hoping to chat with some clans the next 2 days, then I am away for 4 days with work. Next Thursday I have 12 days off work, so will be making my decision then.

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