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Campaign is back .... still seems kinda bugged though.

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ClassicFrog #1 Posted 01 November 2017 - 11:28 PM


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Okay, I admit I have not spent much time checking if there's another topic about that. If there is one, could any mod kindly move my post there.




Now, i have just logged in and see campaign tab working again. But here's one thing that looks odd. Let me explain.

Some time ago, after the patch, I used up mission orders to bypass the MT-15 mission for Object 260, and since it was the last mission that I needed for the reward tank I was awarded with the brand new Object 260 itself. And order got locked in and the mission considered passed but open for completing in order to retrieve my order back. All nice and clear.


Then the Halloween happened and campaign got suspended due to bugs.


And now, here I am in my garage. I have checked the campaign tab and I have noticed that all my orders are back in my order pool and MT-15 mission is considered passed, as if I actually managed to score the objective in battle (without honours though). I have had 16 orders before the campaign suspension and I have all 16 back, ready to be used.



I have read that as a form of compensation for the campaign bug we will receive a free order and one female crew member. I know the tanker lady will arrive later on, but as i understand the order would be awarded about now, right? If so, looking at my order count unchanged, it would seem like it has been automatically transformed into MT-15 mission completion, without an option to retrieve it.


I have no idea if the orders will be transferable between different personal mission campaigns and if the orders I have gathered are of any use to me in the future. I have personally completed all the mission in the current campaign except for MT-15 for Object 260, but as for now the game considers it completed just like all the others.


So unless there will be any use for these orders later on the whole thing is pretty much a cosmetic issue. However, should we be able to use our orders for something then it seems like I came out of it one order short.





Thoughts? Is that how it was supposed to be working perhaps? Anyone else with similar thing happened to them?





Unless the free orders have not been distributed yet, in which case it's still bugged, because I practically got a mission completed for free. Not that it matters to me, since, as I have said, I have plenty of spare orders and nothing to use them for anyway. But it shouldn't happen, should it?


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Aikl #2 Posted 01 November 2017 - 11:48 PM


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I don't think the orders have been distributed yet. 


You already have the 260, though, so the solution is kind of obvious: The game does what it did to people who skipped a mission set in an operation, e.g. skipping SPGs on T28HTC would invest orders into that. That's a bug for sure; from what information we've got that might've affected others that already had the 260; IIRC there was some scripts ran on the whole campaign thing.




_EXODUZ_ #3 Posted 02 November 2017 - 12:07 AM


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My buddy got a camo for 260 even though he didn't do arty missions. Looks like it's still bugged.

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