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Mediocre Tanker Looking for Clan

Relaxed English Discord

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Schrodingers_Wolf #1 Posted 02 November 2017 - 03:40 PM


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Good Afternoon All,


I'm merely looking for a clan of a decent size and a fairly consistent number of members online that preferably use discord; I've been on sabbatical for the last few months due to the previous balance issues within the game; but with the recent changes, I've decided to give WOT another chance.


If people looking at this page are interested in stat considerations, I have almost 7000 battles under my belt, and an average WN8 of around 1350. My biggest weakness at the moment is being a bit rusty. I have one Tier 10 and multiple T8, and can unlock a second T10 whenever (Just need a couple k XP).


I'm not too interested in clan battles, but am willing to provide cover where appropriate specialising in mostly mediums and TD;s, I'm merely looking for a new challenge and a friendly community to help myself get re-acquainted with the game. 


I look forward to seeing you in my aiming reticle soon.


Schrodinger. :bajan:



Goldun #2 Posted 02 November 2017 - 04:17 PM

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PM sent

Barmingmag #3 Posted 02 November 2017 - 05:59 PM


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Hi. I've sent you a PM. Best regards.

aronsearle #4 Posted 02 November 2017 - 06:03 PM

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If you are over 25, friendly and mature then you can look up BOF



Band of Fathers (BoF) http://eu.wargaming....lans/500005756/


BoF is a several years old English speaking clan of mainly British but also European and International players. Many of us are parents but this is not a strict requirement. We are principally a social clan and impose few commitments upon our members. We understand that real life comes first and that World of Tanks is just a game. We use TeamSpeak in Training rooms, Strongholds, Tank Companies, or just shooting the breeze.


Lenorra #5 Posted 02 November 2017 - 07:36 PM


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PM sent :girl:

Schmargendorf #6 Posted 02 November 2017 - 07:37 PM


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PM sent!

Tiger_Snake #7 Posted 03 November 2017 - 07:19 AM


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PM sent :harp:

A_GIO_Rob #8 Posted 03 November 2017 - 08:23 AM


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its as simple as this. 

If you like good banter and have a sense of humor.

Enjoy playing in strongholds and clan wars at tiers 8 and 10 and if you can commit to playing clan/team games twice a week.

Plus you have at least one of the following tier 10 tanks: IS7, E100, Obj140, Batchat25 t, E50M, T62A, IS4, T110E5, T57 Heavy, AMX50b

If you are fed up of being on a teamspeak that is empty (ours usually has folks in it from as early as 6am UK time),

and bored of being on a teamspeak where no one talks to anyone and you are fluent in English.


Then why not come and have a talk to us and see if we could be the place to bring a little fun back into your tanking?


Our teamspeak address is:

Our password is:                   bull


Ask for either :


A_GIO_Rob  Clan Commander 

sandra1966  Deputy Commander

A1adinsane  Deputy Commander  

Helmetfire  Recruitment Officer


Muzzy55 #9 Posted 04 November 2017 - 12:02 AM


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Hey come take a look at our forum page 




happy hunting 

WAAT_Commander #10 Posted 04 November 2017 - 11:03 AM

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Ya alright..

I hope we fit ya bill because you fit ours... ;)

 http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/595955-waat-newish-clan-lookin-for-more-active-players/#topmost <-- Touch of info about us and link to discord if you fancy a chat...

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