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Halloween Mode loots

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ExclamationMark #1 Posted 03 November 2017 - 06:21 PM


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Just completed all the week 2 missions, in total I got +/- 5.5mil credits after selling all the useless equipment and consumeables that I would never use.

For personal reserves, got the usual low tier exp/free-exp/crew-exp rubbish that aren't worth mentioning, but I would say ~70% of the credit boosters I have right now are from the 2 weeks:

Week 2 missions were far easier than week 1 imo, did them in probably under 2 hours whereas week 1 missions took closer to 6 hours... most of which was taken up by trying to kill 10 Levs, which got harder and harder as time went by, because more and more people were trying to do it once preceding missions were done.


From the final Level 4 crate I got (didn't take a screen): 

Mission completed! Reward: Credits added: 500,000 Added: Cyclone Filter (x1), Automatic Fire Extinguisher (x5), Case of Cola (x5) Personal Reserves: Additional Credits per Battle (x5)


A friend of mine got:


So yeah I guess it varies a lot - kinda sucks, credit boosters are pretty valuable imo.

For ~8 hours of gameplay I'm happy with what I got.

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Stinger_WURST #2 Posted 03 November 2017 - 06:43 PM


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Mission completed! Reward:
Credits added: 500 000
Added: Cyclone Filter (x1), Large Repair Kit (x5), Onigiri (x5)
Personal Reserves: Additional Credits per Battle (x5)


I got in this event 3 days of prem, 15-20 credit boosters, 4 million credits worth of junk and a tons of small p. reserves.

Was worth it but that was boring asf.

Spurtung #3 Posted 07 November 2017 - 06:05 AM

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Only saved the final one. Of course no reserves for me, a toolbox is way better.



VarzA #4 Posted 07 November 2017 - 08:04 AM


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Boosters also vary in terms of large/small/whatever.

I got in the t4 crate 5x 100% for 1h.


1d of premium overall ... under 2m creds made. :(

2 credit boosters for 1h, 50% and 25%.

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Bennie182 #5 Posted 07 November 2017 - 10:11 AM


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I wish I received as many credit boosters as you did =o

I only got a few, though I did receive a few times a premium day, which was pretty terrible because of receiving it this weekend. loads of trash players online, so wasn't able to gain that much from it. still I'm happy with the stuff I received overall.

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