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What gives WG

WoWS vs WoT servers

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Sergeant_Antaro_Chronus #1 Posted 06 November 2017 - 08:13 PM

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Soo I've got into WoWS again (clan and friend stuff), and I've seen some things that make no sense, to me that is.


  • Why when I play WoWS the connection is at 30-32 ping while WoT EU1 with 110-120 ping and WoT EU2 with 140+ ping? 


  • WoWS runs at 1080p resolution with 3 monitors at 240fps with max graphic settings and minimum distortion on the side monitors, while WoT barely scraps 90fps all over the place?


  • Today I logged in WoWS and I had fun even when my team lost, I had 5 victories 1 draw and 3 defeats in the first games, in fact I managed to unlock 2 tier 4 carriers, 2 cruisers and 1 destroyers. I logged in WoT too...first 6 games were a disaster with 0/3-15 in less than 3 minutes, 2 draws and 1 victory...then again defeats in a row. I had 11 wins, 6 defeats, 2 draws in WoWS and in WoT I had 12 defeats, 4 wins and 2 draws.


I know that both games are under WG but with different dev teams...still why such a gap between each game.

Shut_The_Foch_Up #2 Posted 06 November 2017 - 08:19 PM

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Because you know...wot is their biggest game so they offer it "special attention"...sincerely i noticed a lot of fps drops since 2-3 patches ago...don't know why...everything is up to date...and before that...i had 100+ fps all the time with all on max...not it's around medium-high...and i do get 100fps...but have moments when it drops to 20-30 for a few seconds than comes back to 100...

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