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Let old maps become an option?

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Buddy23 #1 Posted 25 November 2017 - 11:39 AM


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Hi everyone.

    I have an idea. I'm would like the old maps like Severogorsk, Northwest, Komarin, South Coast, Pearl River, Hiddne Village, Port and old ( unchanged ) El Halluf and old Murovanka with the " magic forest " to get back into rotation.

    These maps could be in an optional pack which wouldl be possible to switch on/off in the settings like attack, encounter and the grand battles.  It will be help revive the game and more maps will be great.

    WG should not have much extra work with this since these maps are already "done". They only have to create this option in menu and prepare it for game.

    I have a feeling that on these maps, the battles wont be so quick, like the 3-5 minute battles we see now.... And if somebody dont want to play these maps they can always be switched on/off in the settings.

_EXODUZ_ #2 Posted 25 November 2017 - 11:51 AM


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Your feeling is wrong. These maps got removed for a reason.

Havenless #3 Posted 25 November 2017 - 11:53 AM

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Yeah, let's bring back all the worst campfests and kill all the dynamics from the game to extend battles. That seems fine!

On the other hand, if it's optional I don't see that much of a problem either. Having camper bots play Providence would mean less of them play in my battles.

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Gremlin182 #4 Posted 25 November 2017 - 12:06 PM


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I agree but my view on maps is well known.

There is NO reason to have removed any map from the game when there are still maps with as many problems as those they removed.

You remove a fantastic looking map like Province and give us Mittengard which is a complete load of rubbish.

Mines is completely unbalanced even more so with encounter mode.

Laketown needs a rework as that 2 line just isolates players in a corridor its a little like the beach on overlord except overlord has a couple of ways off the beach and there are probably more maps with similar problems.


If there is a problem with a map the first thing you do is try to fix it.

However you leave it in the game while fixing it then when you have finished working on the map you do an update.

If the problems with a map are such that they cannot be fixed well ok remove it or recycle some of the good parts into a new map that could help with creating some of the maps for the 30x30 game mode.


All of the above of course hides the main problem with maps way to many summer maps compared to winter and desert..

You want players to buy desert and winter camo paint then fine make more maps where it works.






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Balc0ra #5 Posted 25 November 2017 - 12:29 PM

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Oh god no. I don't want to see that old magic forest ever again. Or even the lemming fest in the middle known as Komarin.


But, as you said. Optional rotation, not forced. As they would be off by default. Would be interesting to see how many would actually turn them on, and keep them on them on after getting them a few times. I suspect you still would not see most of them ever. As the MM can't find anyone that want's to play them there and then for you.


And you are right, the battles won't be quick on most of them. But faster on some. As they were a camp fest, or a lemming fail fest 100% of the time.


But WG did say during tank fest or when it was, that they were considering bringing back some old maps for HD "reworked ofc". But if they do remains to be seen.

ZlatanArKung #6 Posted 25 November 2017 - 01:18 PM

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I'd rather have new maps as optional.

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