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Bounty Hunt ( Shin)

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shin_gra #1 Posted 30 November 2017 - 05:06 PM


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Hello :)


My name is Shin...ok to tell U the true Shin NEVER existed yet He is Me :)


From some time I see odd behaveiour from fellow players ... like ppl dont want to shoot me... ( well that destroys game ... thats why Im gratefull it stoped) and I heard a rummmor that there is a bounty on me. Thats fun :) Im not a good player but I want to get better thats why .... I have 2 options for ppl who thinked about this and set this.... lets play a game :D I dont have anything to offer from my side.... yet I DARE ppl who put bounty on me ( I mean if this is true ) to DUBLE it , or for better chancess lets leve the bounty as it is but change "win" chancess lets win not only if someone will burn my engine but also lets add blow up ( thats more fair for arty - they play also and its really nearly impassible to burn engine as arty in my opinion ) 

Lets make one thing straight  ( or  two ^^) first of all I DONT know if that rummor is true ...if it is lets put it fair. 

Second also inportant thing I DO NOT think Im super player...basicly I think I suck ( sorry) In this game. Still if I want to get better then this kind of thing wuld be anoying for me yet it will hlp me to improve my skills :)


Like I said Im not super and I didnt want to offend anyone by this post - I just want to play this awsome game :)


Fellow Tankers day by day i see that ppl in here are grate ones :) Im gratefull for Your kindness and help in every fight :) 

I hope WoT brings You as much joy to You as to me :)

Good Luck All and Have Fun :)

See You on battlefield




WG...I know there is a lot of spam and bad words towards Your company - I cant say that I accept every change You make but overall Your game is MAGNIFICENT - thanks for that. I enjoy every minute of this game - please keep up the good work ( and keep listening to players ^^)

Nishi_Kinuyo #2 Posted 30 November 2017 - 06:12 PM


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Think I'm speaking for most of them forum when I say this, but... wut?

Dava_117 #3 Posted 30 November 2017 - 07:29 PM


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Bounty in WoT? :amazed:

Well... better if I take my bounty hunter poncho and remington out from the box! ;)

Joggaman #4 Posted 30 November 2017 - 07:36 PM

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LOL! I thought you were starting a competition...

shin_gra #5 Posted 30 November 2017 - 11:20 PM


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Dear All ,

Players and WG alike ,

As Isaid...Im kinda no one :) Im just a normal player - and if anyone got offended by my post Im vert sorry - I didnt mean that ...really

Yet ...I have hard time in my life atm...( maybt thats why I do write) but I did see change in Players both sides - red and green :) 

Its too much to say " its becouse of me " ...still ...dang I need to say if what I think is true than GRATZ to You All and I can only pay my respect to EVERY Player for what You all did for me today :) 

IF ( this is wery important word IF ) Im right...please play normall - if Im on bounty its ok - I do respect that and I do like that but if im in platoon - please treat other Players in Platoon as normal players...as I wuld like to treat me ( agin...IF Im right).

Especially..I have One faveour to ask...like up...I have two vert important PPL in game for me- They  convinced me to play  ( yes one of them is my Teacher - bouth of them are my famyly) I just ask to hmmm PLAY?:) normally... 

Thous ppl are important for me - and IF im right I dont want to disturb Their game even if They will grant me the pleasure to play with Them in Platoon...


OK...NOW :) IF Im not right please treat this threat on Forum as spam....


Personal Note : Dear Players and WG :) Even thou thous post Im really happy to be with You  All :) 

and specially to the Players - after what I did see today...I can only say I will try to get better and better every fight - thanks to You all:)

IF Im right I shuld bow before everyone of You just becouse...just becouse You are worth of it :)

Pleasse remember game its just a game - its pixel life :) 

Games are developed to give us fun - so please get the fun WoT offers You All and treat eachother with respect  ( we are not just 0101 we are Players- People) please remember this :)

and as to WG... as I said... its not like every change You do is perfect or emmm even good >< but darn keep changeing  , developing keep improve :) and most of all please keep listen to players and dont care about blind hate towards You.

Please remember WG the only ones who dont make misstakes are thous who dont do anything sooo keep up the good work :)


Players and WG alike :) I wish You All luck and a lot of fun playing this game ( or developing it  =^.^=)

With all do respect

Best Regards

Shin ( My polish name is Grzegorz :P )


alienslive #6 Posted 30 November 2017 - 11:30 PM


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Only understand you like the game and you wish good luck to us.



Martijn_mk2 #7 Posted 01 December 2017 - 05:18 PM


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What the hell??

Are you okay?

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