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New Team Battle Layout and Game Mechanics

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LeGujan #1 Posted 30 November 2017 - 11:24 PM


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I'm sure you all guys know the Team Battle system so I've been thinking... Since there are new 30 v 30 maps, why not make a Team Battle Gamemode on them? What do you say guys? 7v7 tier 8 or, because the maps are big, 15v15 tier 8. Wouldnt it be great? Also I had another idea for even longer: what about 7v7 tier 10 Team Battles? Well what do you think of that? I think it would be great to see both ideas but that only WG can decide.

But enough with Team Battels for now. How would it be if players could exchange tanks between them for certain amounts of time, without affecting their statistics. Imagine this: your friend is a pro and you would like to try some tanks from his account but he doesnt let you because you just started and you would lower his overall statistics. Well now you will probably tell me that there is a test server for testing vehicles right? Yes it's true but what about reward vehicles. If you friend has an Obj. 907 how are you gonna be testing that on Common Test? I hope you had enough patience to read all this and I hope you will give me feedback because I'm really interested what do you think if WG actually made all this possible.

5everin #2 Posted 01 December 2017 - 12:27 AM


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No real reason though it was intended to be an end game only thing.


As for the second you can try your friends 907 in a training room without hurting his stats.

I doubt WG would allow people to lend out tanks much less rent them. They did trial something like a leasing system for some prem's but I had no interest and don't know the details.

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