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Sixth Sense doesn't work when stunned?

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Komarovsky1970 #1 Posted 02 December 2017 - 01:23 AM


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Commander on my 13 90 has s/s but I got repeatedly stunned, can I be spotted without s/s going off while under the effect of stun?




Sorry if it's an obvious question, go easy on me :).

_EXODUZ_ #2 Posted 02 December 2017 - 01:28 AM


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Stun Effect

When your Crew is struck by an HE shell blast, they all suffer from shell shock, reducing a vehicle’s effectiveness. The stun effect, just like its duration, consists of two variables: you are guaranteed to get 75% out of the maximum decrease in parameters (you can see them listed below), plus a certain amount of the remaining 25% (this one depends directly on the damage you receive). If you are stunned with several shells, only one of them affects a vehicle’s parameters: the one with the larger decreasing coefficient.

  • Engine-specific power decreases 30% and the speed—25%
  • Suspension traverse speed decreases 20%, while the turret traverse—40%
  • View range deteriorates 25%
  • Dispersion on the move increases 50%, dispersion upon turning the hull and turning the turret each increases equally
  • Reload and aim time increase 50% each
  • Accuracy decreases 25%



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