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WG- Developers hate him for this simple trick

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Pound_me_the_Witch_Drums #1 Posted 03 December 2017 - 01:46 PM


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I wasnt really sure if I should put any effort into this but since I somewhat care about that game I thought I might should write down some lines.
If there is any statement I didnt find about the plans WG might released about their game and where its going: feel free to just link it so you
can save yourself some time by not reading further.

Lets get straight to the point: What is wrong with this game and why does everything WG changes turns out to be worse then before?
I started playing WoT in the end of 2013. Due to some youtube videos to get an idea about the looks of different tanks I quickly fell in love with
the Object 140 and the E100. So my journey began.


I dont think I really ever tried to question people until I finished like 10.000 games. A beginner friendly clan picked me up and introduced me
to different game modes, mods and general stuff about WoT ( ammotypes, weakpoint etc. ) I also learned about a special type of ammunition: premium
rounds. People told me that you could acquire this type of ammo only via gold before but it was changed later: Pay gold OR ingame credits and you
dont have to pay gold anymore. It always hit me like a legalized cheating tool and I never saw the necessity to use it back then. Every tank was
penetrable from any side unless it covered his weakspots. After 300 games in my E100 I started to ask myself: why would anyone play this tank?
Back then the topgun had around 235 pen, huge alpha damage, a lot of hitpoints and very good armor - on paper at least.


To make something very clear to begin with: Decisions about balancing in multiplayer games should always be made by listening to people who are
at the top of the game and/or who do understand the mechanics IF the company which runs that game is interested in any serious and proper
progression about their product. The balancing should also focus on the end content of that game.
This is my personal opinion about any multiplayer game which has any kind of competition in it. Convince me if you think your idea about balancing
is better.


The following scenario happened 9 out of 10 times when I played my E100: Enemy spots me - presses 2 twice - waits until E100 tries to shoot -
shoots me right through the turret front - bounces my shell because of poor penetration values.
A tier 10 heavy tank whichs strenghts are armor, hp and high alpha becomes literally obsolete with just a ''special'' ammo type.

Medium tanks which arent really made for shootouts against Heavy Tanks can sit in the far back and spam HEAT ammo into any target and shred it
rather unpunished.

Conclusion: armor is almost worthless

Wargamings idea to balance this: Buff tanks!

Your first attempt: T110E5 - buffed through the roof - nerfed again later
2nd attempt: Not really a buff but WHY would you EVER put a tank into the game with such stats in the first place?

- got nerfed into the ground
3rd attempt: introduction of a new tankline - Japanese heavy tanks. The reasons to have those in the game is still to be found.
4th attempt: Maus - buffed through the roof AGAIN - slightly nerfed later ( probably the first successful balancing in Tier X )
5th attempt: IS-7         are you serious? I think the only things which didnt change are the alpha damage and the visual tankmodel.

Almost forgot my favourite: Object 907 - lets say its not as bad a the T-22 med when it was released but you made it look close.

These are only some examples which reflect the capabilities Wargaming puts into the balancing process:
- No testing  
- repeating mistakes
- not listening


Instead of throwing new tanklines into that game every six month you might consider fixing your game first.
Tier X games are stuffed with Heavy Tanks since they are shooting either as fast as mediums or just overpower them with speed and huge amounts
of alpha damage. The few mediums you can find either climb on your ''nerfed climbing'' spots or spend their time right next to the arty spamming
heat over 300 meters into hulldown IS-7. What is that swedish TD line for exactly? The only proper usage you will find is in competitive games. In
random battles those tanks can only take part in the game when 80% of their own team is gone which brings me to my next point:


How are people being introduced to the game, who are your community contributors and why do you threaten them when they actually try to improve
your game?

What are those Missions for special tanks and why is XVM still in this game?

People behave in a certain way when they play WoT. People do way more different things and in most cases way worse stuff when they hear about XVM
for the first time. So why dont we add another meta-game into an already disturbed gaming enviroment and introduce missions which forces people to
do even more stupid things? XVM and those Missions for the Stug, T28, T55A and the Obj 260 create meta games into an existing game. Now we take a
look at the mechanics of those:
XVM - deal as much damage as you possibly can to get a high WN8
---> solution: find a ''stat padder'' tank and spam premium ammo while sitting either next to your artillery or in some of those
''nerfed climbing spots''

Missions: block twenty quadrillions of damage in a HT / enable four trillions of damage in your LT
---> solution: move your HT in stupid and risky positions so people can shoot you / yolo rush every game in your LT because nobody told you how
and where to spot properly

- Winning a match is not rewarded properly
- its you against 29 other people
- ''my team sucks and denied my attempt to do <something> so I will deny experience and possible other rewards to my enemy by drowning my tank
because I am not being punished anyways''


Crew Perks:
Radio Operator: Call for Vengeance, Signal Boosting, Relaying  ---> literally no worth
Loader: Intuition, Adrenaline Rush ----> No numbers at all. You can sure do the math for AR and do some stochastics for Intuition but you might
finally add some numbers to those perks.
Driver: Off-Road-Driving, Clutch Braking, Smooth Ride,Preventative Maintenance  ----> Numbers?
Gunner: Dead Eye, Snapshot ---> Numbers?


Improved Equipment:
Give better players an even bigger advantage.


I am sure there is way more stuff to talk about but I hope you got the basic idea about this post. This might have been a waste of time but
I wanted to share my opinion with the community.

For people who do not listen to ''noobs''  - I recently reached a ''blue'' WN8 (~25k games) without ever using any premium ammo in random battles
except for the FV Stage 2.

Feel free to translate this in any language you like and share it if you want so. I am not a native english speaker ( you can probably tell) but
writing this in english probably makes it accessable for way more people.



sorry - no tldr



Long_Range_Sniper #2 Posted 03 December 2017 - 01:57 PM


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TLDR - WG power creep is so easy to spot that many players who are very loyal to the game are getting pretty annoyed. It's going to make the game harder for new players to join and progress, and in the long run puts the whole game at risk.


You're not wrong. 


Edit: If you then add on the new MM with the 3/5/7 template then it creates a whole barrel of fun.

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Derethim #3 Posted 03 December 2017 - 02:21 PM


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Everyone can see what they're doing and they won't listen to any community except maybe RU - and even then it's only a tiny bit.

The thing is, they don't care about the community knowing what they're doing as they'll still buy their crap for full price.

ValkyrionX #4 Posted 03 December 2017 - 02:44 PM

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agree 100% 

this game is toxic and the development is terrible

The_Paradiser_112 #5 Posted 03 December 2017 - 03:24 PM


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Go to the WoT wiki and you will find all "the numbers" .... 


The biggest cancer thing/toxic thing in the game is XVM, even bigger than premium ammo.

Also i agree with tank balancing, it is bad. Buff -> nerf -> buff -> nerf ...


EDIT: http://wiki.wargamin...ills_and_Perks 

Go and look for your numbers

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Pound_me_the_Witch_Drums #6 Posted 03 December 2017 - 03:39 PM


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Thanks fo linking me those numbers. Question now is: why isnt this summarized in the game? But I guess its similiar to that armor profile -thingie...I heard its ingame on Xbox but not for the PC version.


Thank you for the feedback guys.

Enforcer1975 #7 Posted 03 December 2017 - 06:26 PM

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It was a good thing they nerfed the T-22 med into the ground because who knows how many players didn't have theirs removed because nobody caught them rigging battles.

I do agree that the game gets more and more dumbed down for bad players.

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