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My first grind in ages......

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Mike_Mckay #1 Posted 12 December 2017 - 05:05 AM


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Ok, soooo, the deathstar is one of the tier 10s I don't have on console yet so as it was set to vanish on here (and as the badger looks awesome) I figured I would give it a go

When the talk about it being replaced started to hot up I only had the AT2, so around the beginning of last month I started to put some effort into the line. The AT8/AT7 were brutally painful tanks

AT 15 I quite enjoyed, and by then I had finished ramping up a BIA crew that came with my latest Cromwell B

I "tried" to approach it logically and something I hadn't thought of before was to work two consecutive tanks at a time.

The reason for this (in case anyone hasn't thought of it on a grind before) is that many modules span several vehicles. So for example, with the tortoise there was a 45k gun and a 60k gun (xp) to research, but the AT15 had the 45K gun, so I was playing the daily doubles on both working towards 45k on the AT15 and 60k on the tortoise which worked out to 5k and 7k respectively per day from when I started to really go for it

I was also playing the daily doubles on my conqueror to unlock the last engine for the tortoise as well. and I found this approach was much easier than the more linear approach and it meant if I died in one tank with PRs running I didn't have to wait for the game to end, I could just jump in one of the other 2

I had absolutely no chance of earning the XP for the deathstar itself though in time so for that I had to convert free XP which I also had to earn as I normally have ACT ticked on all my prems and elited tanks

So I now have the AT8,AT7,AT15, Tortoise and deathstar as I didn't get onto the AT15 until the start of the month so it was silly selling any of the others while the selling price was reduced. So not only did I have to earn the free XP to convert, but I had to earn a LOT more silver than I "really" needed due to not selling the previous tanks

But to offset that a touch when I unlocked the engine on the conqueror I did sell that for the last 1.9 ,million towards the deathstar

But all in all what a flippin grind lol, feels worth it though even if I don't bother with the tank much after doing the TOTT missions

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lord_chipmonk #2 Posted 12 December 2017 - 10:57 AM

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Yeah. Have done the Foch and Death Star grinds recently, both of which were painful. 

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