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Tier 8, why it doesnt currently work, but it's close to ace

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stralk #1 Posted 16 December 2017 - 01:41 AM


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OK I'll start with the positives, then get to my point, and I'll be brief.

MM these days is MUCH better than it has been in a VERY long time, my overall experience is much more positive. Some games are unbalanced, but not as many, and overall the balance seems better, OP tanks have been rained in with MM even if stat wise they havent. OK The negs


Tier 8 heavy, odds are you end up in a tier 10 game, if not, maybe a tier 9 game.... now while an IS3 or 110 maybe this works great lets look at a typical tier 8... 200 pen, 200 armour, and fairly (by standards) slow.


So a tier 8 HEAVY, is slower, lower view range, lower pen and lower acc+aim time, than every other tank in the game, BUT it has better armour than the tier 8' meds - who have MUCH better VR, speed, acc, aim time, dpm, etc etc... i.e. exacly WHAT has a tier 8 heavy got as an advantage to use? Nothing, it's amrour is so low that pretty much every shot will pen, it's slow. its aim is crap, its alpha and dpm is fairly crap- its a heavy, relies on slow speed/armour/alpha... suddenly none of them work. Yet most games in tier tier 8 heavy (eg) end up in a tier 10 game


So, my brief point is this: why have MM have bottom tier HEAVIES? they are slower/weaker armour/lower dpm/lower VR/lower camo: than EVERY other tank in the game with NO advantage. Why not have them a MIN 1 tier lower than top tier? tier 8 heavy in a tier 10 game sucks and it happens a LOT, why not have tier 9? If its a tier 6-8 you have a min of tier 7 HT tanks? Makes sense to me.


just a thought

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