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CW tank camos classed as "unhistorical"?

cw camo reward tank nekkid

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K_A #1 Posted 16 December 2017 - 12:31 PM


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So, me and a clanmate were tooning the 907 two days back, both had the sand camo with the bear and "112" on that came with the tank when we got them, but both of us saw the other guy's tank as having no camo or emblems or inscriptions whatsoever! Also he played a game in the VK7201K, another CW reward tank, and that looked very naked from my view as well. At the time we thought it might be a graphical bug or something.


But today I was scrolling through my emblems, selling useless ones I've bought at some point, and discovered all the special anniversary emblems and war child support emblems, and they were classed as "unhistorical", and as such if I placed them on any of my tanks, no one would see them because unhistorical is turned off by default AFAIK. And then I realised, are the CW reward tank camos actually classed as "unhistorical" too? Because if they are, I think that's a mistake right there. The special camos that come with the tanks are all pretty nice, not at all clownish, and at least as far as the 907 goes, has at least some historical base. 


Whether this is or is not the case and if it's intentional or not, I'd like to know, and if someone else has encountered the same problem, please let us know. 





I just tested this out in a training room with a clan mate, and when he had "unhistorical elements" hidden he couldn't see my camo, but when he unhid them it was visible to him, so this is actually now confirmed. Now, WG, only question remaining is, is this intentional?

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