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An idea for a new addition to the current spotting mechanics

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steelofwar #1 Posted 24 December 2017 - 05:37 PM


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Hello fellow tankers,

this is going to be my very first suggestion post towards you guys and WG it may get a little long but I want to give you as much information about the idea and how I came up with it as possible.


To give you guys some backstory on me, I've been playing WoT since 2011, most of you will call me a mediocre player when looking at my stats and I might just be one, but I've tried to look at this idea from many angles, it might have helped me to not be a unicum player when creating this idea. I have played every tank role in WoT and tried to get a perspective on all of them. But let's just get right into it.


The idea came to me when I was just comparing the playstyle from the community back in the days (around 2012-2013) and the meta nowadays, back in 2012 people were playing way more aggressive and way fewer people were sitting back and just trying to farm damage, nowadays you have many tanks (i.E. the Tank Destroyers from Sweden or the German Grille 15 line) simply staying back and not really having to care about being spotted as long as they keep using the bushes correctly, same goes for arty, they might get counterartied, but as long as they move after every shot they should be fine. So there isn't really any effective or viable counterplay versus these tanks, yes they are very weak targets as soon as they get spotted, but they usually won't, as long as their team doesn't crumble. Another thing which isn't a problem, but might just be a good example for my idea,that happens fewer in random battles, but more often in Team Battles and Clan Wars,is the occasion that teams push past each other either searching the enemy team for minutes or just ending up in the weirdest of fights. My idea might also be very helpful in Clan Wars versus a province owner, the current meta usually ends up in a gigantic camp, due to the nature of a draw counting as a win to the owner making aggressive tactics way less effective. Some maps are almost designed to camp on for the simple fact that, staying in cover of a bush is effective already, but the enemy would also need to advance through a vast open field with no cover at all making it outright suicidal, in which case both teams will call for the safer variant of simply waiting it out and hoping the other team commits to their death. (i.E. Erlenberg, Prokhorovka,..)


So here comes in my idea, putting in a new perk for the Commander or Radio Operator of the vehicles, or maybe a consumable that can be bought just like a small repair kit and equipped that way, it would grant you the ability to recon an area which you can determine. It would work kind of like the Artillery Strike in Strongholds works right now, you use it and choose where to deploy the recon.  

Let's talk numbers with this one and deeper mechanics, the item/perk would be single-use on heavy and medium tanks, multiple-use  on light tanks with a 2 minute (120 second) cooldown, and no availability for artillery and tank destroyers (this might be tested and changed to make it fun to play with), after using the recon both teams will be notified of the area where the recon will be deployed giving the enemies a chance to escape without getting spotted and teammates the ability to react to the potentially spotted vehicles, this notification will last 2-5 seconds (depending on tests) before the actual spot will occur. The area will be 10-30 meters in diameter (depending on tests)  in which vehicles will be spotted, the spot will be a single spot, detecting vehicles in the zone for 10 seconds, if they were in the zone at the moment of deployment.

This mechanic may be limited uses for the whole team in Clan Wars, Stronghold and Team Battles depending on the impact this mechanic could have on these game modes.


This mechanic may be used to make players move who are camping in the same location simply relying on camouflage and bushes. They would have to give up their position and reposition, return to their position at a later point  or simply get into cover or take the gamble, that enemies will miss or ignore him. It can also be used to gather intel on the major push of the enemy team, to relocate to counter their push or to play around it, which could be a very helpful and powerful tool in Clan Wars if used correctly. Artillery can also be threatened by this mechanic which could lead to them to repositioning, cancel their current shot or the risk of getting spotted and destroyed by enemy artillery.


That's my current idea and my current thoughts on how this could be implemented, now its you guys tell me your ideas on it, maybe suggestions on what to change, every feedback is appreciated, there is a poll which you can vote in if you think this idea might be a good addition to the game.

If you liked my idea and want me to keep going coming up with other ideas to gameplay mechanics like this one and share them with you go ahead and tell me.

Thank you very much for reading this post and excuse my bad English for it not being my first language.


Have fun on the battlefield and roll out!

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SABAOTH #2 Posted 24 December 2017 - 05:41 PM


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You know that would be OP right?



qpranger #3 Posted 24 December 2017 - 05:50 PM

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Yes OP this would be effing amazing because the effing sixth sense is not cheat enough :)

SuedKAT #4 Posted 24 December 2017 - 05:56 PM

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The idea it self is fine, but putting that into a random battle would break a lot of the mechanics that's currently in the game and wouldn't really work that well. Plenty of tanks need to rely on the spotting mechanics to work properly and have a fighting chance, not to mention that this negate skill and knowledge of the game mechanics quite a lot. Also if you put artillery into the equation you even more than today have matches in which people will hug mountains to keep safe if they know they can get randomly spotted at any time. This would also be a major deal-breaker late game, get lucky with one of your scans and you win.


I would rather see the complete opposite, artillery smoke shells, a 5 or so shell limit with the ability to conceal tanks kinda like Destroyers do in WoWs but with more of the traditional WoT spotting mechanics in mind. This not only means that it require a bit more skill and good judgement to play artillery, but you also have an ability that can break a stalemate and reduce camping. 


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