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Excavatus #1 Posted 25 December 2017 - 01:44 PM


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I have a suggestion..


far too many threads are being locked since... I dont know last year?


some of those threads are being locked because valid reasons, but some of those threads being locked because they weren't constructive.

(yes some of them being locked because dingers derailment efforts.. but that is not the issue here)


My problem is, I see some idiot non-constructive thread.. which people started to mock the OP since the first reply..

and before we get our share to mock and humiliate.. thread gets locked..


I suggest a special part for that kind of threads... eg: "Mocking & Derailment"

and replace those threads instead of locking them...


Then there will be no threads like "You lock my thread because I tell the truth!" - post you cant handle the truth GIF here

or like, "WG trying to silence people who sees the big picture - Patent bla bla!"


I dont want my right to mock and humiliate the idiots to be taken away from me...

Asklepi0s #2 Posted 25 December 2017 - 01:49 PM


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Here is  another rule you might wanna know.

Do not discuss moderation and sanctions

  • Read our Forum Rules to understand why your post was moderated
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