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Official Wargaming "Lego" tanks to buy!

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cometcruiser #1 Posted 27 December 2017 - 11:04 PM


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Guys and girls.


Just thought I would spread the word about the official Wargaming world of Tanks fake "lego" (cobi bricks) kits you can buy on their merchandise website.


Link https://www.wargamingstore.eu/collections/world-of-tanks-collectibles-cobi-blocks


I bought two for my lads for Christmas.  I was a little sceptical as the price seamed steep for fake Lego.   But I took the plunge as its Christmas and the kits would be great extra presents.  I bought the Centurion 1 and the Panther G.


And I was very impressed.  There was loads of pieces. Once you got building, the size of these kits starts to take shape, and yea they ended up actually being great value for money.  They really are large kits.  As big if not bigger than a 1:35 Airfix model.  The costs are maybe the same, but yea with Airfix's you would be buying paints and glue on top.


But with my kids who I have tried to get into Airfix's, and don't seam to have developed any passion about them (like I had as a kid) these brick kits are just perfect.  No mess, no glue or paint, just a couple of hours of lego building.  And you get a great model that you can actually play with.  Turret rotates, tracks go round, hatches open etc.


The Centurion 1 is the better kit of the two. Its got loads of great detail and does look exactly like the Mk1. Its a really nice kit.  Everything is to scale (other than the little man you get) and is the bigger kit too.


The Panther G is good, but could be slightly better.  It isn't quite to scale with the cent.  And things on it are not to scale.  The gun is a bit thick and not long enough (the Pudel gun looks better on the pictures).  The rear plate and engine deck are not as detailed as they could be and it doesn't sit on its suspension right, as all Panther fans know, the rear idler wheel should sit lower down than the front sprocket, creating a rear heavy look, where the hull sides extend down, creating that classic look. But on this kit the rear and front wheels sit on the same plane, creating a flat track profile, so the rear hull doesn't hang down.  Its still a nice kit, and only the most anal of us would notice problems with it.  It still looks like a Panther. And these problems can be sorted with a bit of your own lego and a little rebuild.


In all they are great and in-expensive model tanks, to get your kids into or for yourself.  They have since released a Tiger 1 which I would probably get for myself.  Plus you get a code in the instructions for 3 days premium and some consumables.  A nice little bonus. 



Balc0ra #2 Posted 28 December 2017 - 03:43 AM

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They sell the Tank Museum/Arsenalen Cobi kits at one of my local hardware stores. Not the WOT branded kits. Got the Tiger 131 that is fairly large and well made kit. A mate bought the Swedish 103 TD that was rather large, had a working "siege mode". Did feel less solid vs the Tiger, but still great for display. Crew figures and the Tank Museum staff figures looks terrible tho. So I ditched those. They go for around €30 to 33 here give or take a few due to exchange rates etc. They had the Maus to for less then 40. So considering getting that next.


Tiger 131 vs the Tiger 1 kit is a tiny bit smaller in size "1 cm shorter". But looking at the images, the 131 kit has way more details going for it. Especially over the rear hull, and the rear plate, inc the hand crank engine starter slot vs just lego plates.

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