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What French Line to grind, H35 or D1?

French H35 D1 Heavy Line What Tier 2 Grind Light Best

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NO1Z3TR4UMA #1 Posted 03 January 2018 - 11:39 AM


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Hey fellow tankers,


I searched with google first but the posts i found are from 2012- 2013 and i likely want to know on this moment.


What French line is the best way to grind ARL 44? Going through H35 or D1 line? I did unlocked the H35 and full upgraded back in the day from grinding the ELC. So it would be smarter for me to play the H35 line but i likely want to hear your personal experience with both lines and why should i pick D1 or H35 line? And try to pretend that i did not unlocked the H35 yet. It seems on Tier 4 it's getting interesting:  G1 R gets a derp and the BDR G1 B gets a pretty high pen gun.


Any help is appreciated.




Balc0ra #2 Posted 03 January 2018 - 11:44 AM

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Depends if you want armor that don't work, or guns that can damage something. As the D1 line has a tier 4 with pref MM. Since the gun it has is rather bad. The tier 4 on the H35 at least gets 100 pen. And the tier 5 derp is not bad tbh on that line.


But... if you go the H35 line, you don't get the first 90mm on the ARL 44. As that is from the tier 5 HT on the D1 line. Tho it's only 9K xp, so not the worst grind.

NO1Z3TR4UMA #3 Posted 03 January 2018 - 03:58 PM


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Thanks for the feedback Balc0ra, Hmmm hard decision, anyone else got some nice feedback? Maybe i will grind the D1 line but on the other hand the tier 4, B1 got a garbage pen gun, okej you get pref mm but still... I remember back in the days playing with the AMX40 with 74 pen for me personal that was pretty pain and now you get 66 pen auch..


Anyone else got experience grinding 90 mm DCA 30 on ARL44? Can you compare it somehow with the M6 grind?

Isharial #4 Posted 03 January 2018 - 04:05 PM


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go for the BDR, its a decent tank and you'll get a feel for how the heavies handle in lower tiers.

the BDR is underrated by most people, and it makes a decent crew trainer so you can get sixth sense before playing the ARL


just remember to bring so premium ammo with you as that 90mm is a little annoying when bottom tier. still, the 240 alpha hurts more than the KV-1's comparable peashooter


B1 was useable, but the Sarl42 is not, if anything, id certainly play through the B1 than the Sarl


the 90mm on the arl? I ran it full gold, the only "useable" way of playing, but if anything, id hold out until you can atleast get the next 90mm (the F3? something like that) then work for the 105mm (and only that) you'll get 300 alpha and a decent prem round. the 90mm DCA 45 is useless, the aimtime of a KV-2 and the alpha of the BDR... its not a good gun, specially for a tank that can be one shot frontally by an O-I

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ZlatanArKung #5 Posted 03 January 2018 - 04:54 PM

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The BDR is much better then the GR 1.
So pick the BDR line. The T5 grind is longest, as long as the other combined pretty much.

250swb #6 Posted 03 January 2018 - 05:16 PM

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D1 and D2 are a bit rubbish and then the B1 and BDR can be good if top tier, the H35 is very good and the Somua 35 not to bad but the G1R is awful. So given that it's faster and cheaper to rush the lower tiers I would go through the pain of the D1 and D2 and go down that line, but you've got to pimp out and play the H35 just for the laughs.

Derethim #7 Posted 03 January 2018 - 05:17 PM


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I don't find the BDR better, than the G1R, but it's easier to play. G1R is hard to master - it's kind of like a sluggish Sherman with the 105. If you choose that line, don't use the 75mm. The derp on it is way superior to it.

As for why I don't find the BDR better - it's really high. Has a beautiful gun for it's tier, but it's really high. May be one of the highest tanks on it's tier if you count the cupola in.


I'd go for the BDR tho. To get to the G1R you have to go through SARL ... and that thing. That THING... is a PAIN to play.

It's one of those tanks people don't complain about, only because they don't know it exists. And you also won't have the 90mm on the ARL unlocked, as others have mentioned.

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NO1Z3TR4UMA #8 Posted 03 January 2018 - 06:24 PM


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Thx all for the feedback, i'm going for the D1 line progress to ARL.

SnowRelic #9 Posted 03 January 2018 - 07:11 PM

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H35 is awesome. The B1 -> BDR -> ARL44 route is far more enjoyable than the SARL -> G1R -> ARL44.


Keep in mind that the BDR, while listed as a heavy, should mostly be played as a support and not a front-line tank. The gun packs a wallop, the rest of the tank has no staying power. Like the Churchill, you can shoot through the tracks and damage the hull. Playing it requires some patience and opportunism.


In contrast, the B1 before it is quite slow yet very nimble. The top gun on it is okay-to-good as long as you know what you're doing. Although, given the removal of frontal weak spots especially on the KV-1, in these days the B1 will want to take some APCR into battle. The armour on the B1 is situational; there are frontal weak spots but it can hold up well against quite a few opponents. Don't expect to bounce TD's, though. Not even tier 3's. Got an ace on the Chinese tier 3 farming B1's, B2's and Valentines with the stock gun and regular ammo.


Played through the SARL and it wasn't terrible, nor very excitable. It's a pretty nondescript tank.


The G1R isn't as good as the other (original) tier 5 105mm derp mediums, the Panzer IV Ausf. H and M4 Sherman, but I have played through it and I found it quite enjoyable.


When you get to the ARL 44, though. Grab the 105. Grab your wallet. Buy all the APCR you can buy. Enjoy it. The tier 7 with the same recipe is one of the most enjoyable grinds in the game.

Lycopersicon #10 Posted 03 January 2018 - 07:21 PM


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Heavies. B1 is fine and BDR is great, while the T4 medium SARL is an epic turd and the T5 medium is nothing noteworthy.

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