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Looking for a clan, that CW and stuff is not Mandatory...

platoons chill easy no cw

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PsyHooL #1 Posted 03 January 2018 - 01:22 PM


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I'm Dawid from Poland and i'm addicted to WoT.


Like i said, i'm looking for a clan, where i can chill, make some fun, play some platoons, eventually SH but only if i want to. So give yourself a break if you or your clan members will force me to do anything, because i will not by any chance. (However if your clan is very active and need good figures just for stats, you can pm me.)


However if your clan consift of not enough good players, sorry but don't even bother me and don't waste your precious time for me. So the best for me would be a clan with about 2 500 WN8 average. Ok?


I don't care about clan's prefferential language. You can talk whatever lang you like, except if u r talking to me or about me in my pressence, then speak english or polish, ok?


And i am not in hurry to join any clan and also i can stay freelancer forever, so i am considering only and the only gooodlike offers, ok?




scrontch #2 Posted 03 January 2018 - 02:57 PM

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Block Quote

2 500 WN8 average



There are around a thirty clans meeting this requirement.

Most of 'em obviously doing CW and mandatory stuff.

The remainder you can probably easily check out yourself.

Recommendations would be [KITTY], [S3EAL], [IDEAL], ...


In case you are willing to lower your reqs, and if you don't mind playing without voice comms, check out 

 Signal Spike,

We play mainly platoons (all tiers).

No obligations, no teamspeak (silent!), freestyle, for casual, above-average players.




hacksaw064 #3 Posted 03 January 2018 - 03:13 PM

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hi, the 761st are currently looking to bolster our ranks ,we are actively running skirmish, platoons and company battles in preparation for doing SH and back into CW battles ,we are an English based clan with members from all over the world in our ranks and have very experienced commanders, we are looking for active players with a minimum tier 6 and able to speak/understand English, use of teamspeak for team games is essential and is quite a social place as we like to enjoy playing tanks and having a laugh, if you would like to chat then pop on our TS london3.teamspeak.net:26880 or join up and give us a try

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