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"premium" elite vehicles (to allow crew transfers to elite vehicles)

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WinningWolves #1 Posted 04 January 2018 - 06:42 PM


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First of all Hi all, heres a few thoughts ive had on how to improve this game.



So the reason why i came up with this "improvement" is quite simpel, when grinding for new tanks you sometimes find tanks you really enjoy playing (for me this is just about every light tank from tier 5 and up) however I often feel somewhat forced to sell the tank. The reason for this is quite simple, I just unlocked a new tank and im transfering my "good" crew over to that tank which now leaves me with no crew or a 75% crew for the tank I enjoyed grinding this might not seem al that bad but especially with LT's its an absolute pain to fully retrain a crew and mainly get sixth sense again cuz an LT with sixth sense as we probably all know is horrible to play.



Im thinking about a very simple solution, allow players to make their "Elite" vehicles (fully upgraded and unlocked tanks) into semi premium tanks. These tanks will have a slight (lets say 10%) increase to credit gaining and a similar increase to crew training and XP gaining. This is not the main reason to make you elite vehicle into a so called "premium elite vehicle though, the main reason for players to make their elite vehicles into premium elite vehicles will be to allow them to transfer crews into these tanks without having to retrain them just like with regular premium tanks. This way players can enjoy playing the tanks they played trough without having to train a complete new crew. This system wont stop players from retraining crews for the new tank their grinding for since unless they freeXPed the tank fully it wont be an elite vehicle which means it cant be changed into a premium elite vehicle. Ofcourse this cant just be free new thing so lets say you have to pay between 0-1000 gold to make an elite tank into a premium elite tank. Another way wargaming can kinda like "gift" their players is to make missions which give them some sort of token that allows them to make an elite tank of choice into a premium elite tank.


I truely believe a lot of players will enjoy a system like this being implemented since it will allow them to replay their favorite vehicles. And I hope wargaming is either already thinking about a system like this or will start thinking about it after reading this forum pos.

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