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My New Year Tanks and Resolution

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macenkrace #1 Posted 08 January 2018 - 04:30 PM


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I thought this holiday operation was well done from my point of view. The bonus of xp and credits was really nice to grind credits, coupled with a few days of premium I managed to grind my O-Ho and near new year I finally managed my very first Tier IX, the Type 4 Heavy. I really like the tank, it has reliable armor, unlike others, but the stock grind is really hard with this thing, it's almost frustrating. Besides the 120k free xp for the gun I see very little alternative but hell it's 120k free xp. What would other experienced players suggest to do here?

First of all, people don't help me anywhere. Unless I am top tier in a tier 7 match, my teammates are afraid of pretty much anything. They don't come out, they hide behind me, they block me from retreating, they leave me alone on a flank, couple with the stock gun it is simply frustrating. I am really trying to do well in this tank, but every time I play a tier 8 match everyone, and by this i mean every single tank I see unloads gold at me, or just shoots me in the incredible weakspot in the turret, which I don't even know how it got there. I am left alone to advance or when people circle me, my teammates expect me to kill them (which several times I did but it cost me a lot of hp). That or arti always looks for me with every chance they get, and since I can't get to put the superheavy spal liner since it needs 25k xp and I don't have enough of it, the tank seems like a chore. Yes 14 seconds reload time is ok but with ~440 alpha on average but the small pen doesn't really help, especially against tier 10 tanks.


I expected tier 9 to be better but I don't know the tanks seem incredibly hard to play.


The good part is that I got 130k xp from the 160k or so from the T-10 grind and about 80k on the ST-I grind. Playing with the KV4 and IS3 was better than expected, even though both are as blind as a bat The KV4 seemed more enjoyable as I managed to do something even I matches i lost, though the win rate sucks, 44%, but I had good matches in it. It seemed like a waste to free xp the top gun but the tank became enjoyable after I finally got it.


The IS-3 got good only after the engine upgrade, the top gun not being able to do much alone, but that speed was good and allowed for some quite awesome matches.


I got a few crates for the Christmas to get a few bonuses, but and despite my luck I got a T26E5, which is the only tank I simply can't stand. I don't know how to play ridge lines, I don't know where the good ones are, and I can't seem able to use them properly, which is why I detest this tank. I know where to defend, the easy positions,  The amount of times you are bottom tier as the E5 is incredible and I hate it to extinction. Even though I got a few crew skills, the unskinned Patriot seems like a piece of junk. Ammo racks, destroyed gun, destroyed turret, penned in the turret with or without gold, Engine damage and other problems seems to plague this tank. I can't find it enjoyable to play it, a .38 accuracy is no better than .40 from the soviet guns, and I even find those to be more reliable than the pew pewer, but unfortunately this one has a 90mm gun, which as I found out, with the terrible accuracy, will never pen a STRV S1 frontally or any 30mm armor with a perfect angle. Considering the hull armor, the side armor and every other part called hull in the E5 it doesn't do well in city maps, can't sidescrape well, unless perfectly angled, and even then it gets penned in the hull above the tracks. Despite its great pen and RoF, for each shot i take I get 2 or 3 in return, or a lucky jam of the gun costing me the match. I am very much considering replacing the vents here with a heavy spall linner cause the vents don't help me at all.  FYI I have 3 skills on the E5 now but it is still frustrating to play. The soviet tanks, even though blind as a bat, seem better than the patriot which gets penned every which way. Mobility doesn't really help me when the engine get damaged every time and can't repair it to the track issues. Also playing safe with this thing seems like the worst idea ever. The small alpha doing no favor as you will not get to do anything else in the meanwhile, that is if you pen it with that horrible accuracy.

So I'm thinking of taking the tier 9 soviet tanks and then getting to grind a new tank line. Lately the slow speed of my tanks keeps bugging me as i can't do many things so thinking of trying to get a medium with a somewhat reliable armor, or perhaps the t95 line/turtoise line. I like reliable armor and unfortunately these tanks seem to have it. Well the object 140 line seems to have some good tanks as well but I don't know, haven't played medium and no idea on how to play them, i just know that it's way faster than a heavy and the fact that it can circle it and pen it in the side is really fun when you succeed.

Any advice on what I should set my sights on this year?

Martijn_mk2 #2 Posted 08 January 2018 - 05:22 PM


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Hmmm i wonder why everyone shoots gold at these Japanese heavys...

Oh and you are right, like wargaming said "they are hard to play" :D

HillBill79 #3 Posted 08 January 2018 - 05:58 PM


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If you like heavies, the British Heavies are very strong from tier 8 to 10. Even the Black Prince is ok with the current MM, though you will need to fire premium a fair bit. Its not expensive on that thing though.

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