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Rigged mm?

mm algorithm

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omgdontkillme #1 Posted 09 January 2018 - 01:47 PM

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An interesting video about EA patent, which allows them to customize their mm for their games.

At this point you have to consider that a patent is there to protect specific method, yet it doesnt mean that companies arent using not patented (unprotected) method to customize the mm.



Interesting parts :

min 3:45 Engagement optimized match making

min 7:15 Algorithm deciding if you win / lose or have a draw in a game. (probability and not 100% exact)

min 9:25 All sounding is like conspiracy yet there are patents for these things.


Why does it all sound so familiar when you think about World of Tanks?

A lot of people complaining about match making and on other side few vocal people claiming this isnt an issue, yet mm customization is a thing in gaming industry.

Keep in mind just because WG doesnt own a patent, doesnt mean they arent using a system to adjust mm.


Personally i am not that far, that i say im quitting over mm customization, but it can make the game very frustrating and i can understand why people cant bear it and quit.

In my opinion WG is pushing too far with their mm customization. Have to think about days when i play on 4-5k wn8 and stay at 30-40% WR.


Just my 50 cents on

Asklepi0s #2 Posted 09 January 2018 - 01:48 PM


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You can find the same video in off-topic section.
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