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russian tech tree improvements

tech tree russian improvements russian bias

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Aleks_bg_2016 #1 Posted 12 January 2018 - 07:26 AM


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So... More russian bias incoming i guess (https://worldoftanks...-tree-revision/)

Why did you wargaming had to ruin the object 263:facepalm:? no one wanted that. Why couldn't you just leave it as it is a Tier X and just add the object 268 version 4 as an optional research from the SU-122-54? or remove the SU-122-54 and add the object 268 version 4 as the tier IX vehichle? that's also a very good option.

about T-10 i personally don't have big problems, it really didn't fit well in the line.

                     What do you ladies and gentlemen think about these changes? Post you opinions and let me and wargaming know;)!

toodo_cxh #2 Posted 12 January 2018 - 04:44 PM


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Well, I was thinking to wait for HD maps before I delete the game... Now WG just pushed me to confirm quitting the game on the day 9.22 release.


Just those 3 Tier Xs can already show the Stalin's racism...


Obj.263 & Obj.268 IV

After, seeing the whole changes to USSR bias tree (Not tech tree just bias tree), I believe Obj.263 changes are just cover up for all the rest Russian bias that is going on at WG.


Remember Grille 15 replacing WT auf E100? That's when they trick us first with an op Grille15 then nerffed it to let us slowly accept the replacement. Now, in order to cover up the other bias op trash that is going on, they straightly away give us a garbage Obj.268 IV. It's a thing that fires about every 17.5 sec (at best) and only do 650 alpha.... My T110E3 will do 750 every 14 sec... (No food and no bond equipment)


And armor.... Sure Obj.268 IV has god-like lower plate... but people will immediately realise that and start shot golds at the super structure which is 330mm effective (All gold should be fine to go through) Unlike T110E3, even with gold, you still needs luck to pene it... And way easier to hide lower plate than super structure.


Straight away, we will got trash like replacement.


Obj.705 A

OK, WG said it is a mix between Pz.Kpfw.VII and IS7.... THAT IS TRUE... Because you just combined the 2 and removed all the weak points....

Why Russian blueprint tanks must be better than German blueprint tanks???


705A uses a IS7 turret (nothing can pene or overmatch it frontally) but Pz.Kpfw.VII suffers from a ring around the gun [even on the mantlet] of only 200mm thick...(anything it meets can pene...) OK, I know the frontal lower plate of 705A also follows IS7 which is not as good as that of Pz.Kpfw.VII, But, isn't it so much easier to hide a lower plate (hull down) than hide your mantlet of your gun??? Also, since Tier X now only meets tier X (literally yes, WG, look at your mm...), everyone shoots gold... So is there a difference on armor value of 240mm and 260mm on lower plate???


About side scripping.... (Which since both tanks have rear mounted turrets, so usually they will do), again pathetic German Pz.Kpfw.VII has a huge weak point of only 170mm thick on side below the turret.... (All the drivers can do is side scrip (avoiding shoots for lower plate and bounce golds) and just HOPE that enemy miss the weak area....) BUT, look at russian bias Obj.705A, not only you can do nothing to it when it is side scripping, but it got god-like huge areas of spaced armor on sides means a lot of tanks not only needs to flank it, but have to go to the butt to pene this thing.... (1 in 4 sides to shoot than 3 in 4...)


I think this is the biggest russian bias since Obj.252U/Defender.



Turret is fine... since WG don't want only T62A to have that god turret (The removal of top weak spot for obj.140), I accept the same god turret on this tank.

I don't care if the gun start to challenge the heavies (T110E5... IS4...). BUT the hull....


This is a hull that 113 and E50M should have not a Russian crap blueprint tank. I don't have 113, so fair here at least: why current 113 has literally the same armor as 112, a premium that has preferential mm? And E50M, I had it before it was made HD and changed armor profile, and it derserves the old armor layout (i.e. weaker lower plate but god like upper plate, exactly like the 430U here))




Is Stalin's grandson in the team that develops all these tanks??? So that you have to pass things on to live servers???



HD Models

And all these tanks are ugly as hell.... Why all the new HD models from WG has to have all those ugly old Russian gipsy lady decorations??? (I mean the trash bags, the wood logs and disorganised folded clothing everywhere....) Ok, I understand that it is very historical, but it is also a symbol of very disorganised military maintenance services to the tanks, so that a tank must carry all these stuff for itself. Which in WWII only USSR and USA have this problem severly throughout the war... UKs barely had this problem (Before D-day at least, after D-day joined the USA and turned badly, hahaha) and Germans only suffers from it at the very end of the war. Before 1945, all tanks looks so nice for German.... So why your newly updated Tiger I HD model looks so ugly (with so many gipsy decorations (wires.... helmets for no reason...) and looks as if about to broke down (just look at the exhuasts and trasks...)???)


At least add an option to let players choose the appearance.

At least let us choose if we want to see a well maintenanced brand new Tiger I or a wounded, long in service Tiger I....

And this can be applied to any tank in the game so that all players ahve a chance to be happy about the looking of what they are driving....

redman75 #3 Posted 13 January 2018 - 10:55 PM


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I sell the obj 268 crap after 100 battles and I think a good decision is to delete this stupid game after the smart wg improvements.There is also a lot of money throwing in vain to buy  the crapJgTig 88 after another wg smart decision.

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