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Which new tank line for female crew

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dan_dix #1 Posted 18 January 2018 - 10:49 AM


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Hi all


So with all the happy give-aways from the Christmas event and me finishing off some more missions I have enough new female recruits to put together a complete new tank crew. Now I know that I no longer need to match females for BIA/SoS to work, but since I have them I might as well put them together in a tank rather than mix within existing crews (have 6thSense on most commanders, etc). So this means I can open up a new tank line to grind and use this crew (with any necessary adjustments) throughout.


But the question is, on which line?


I already have

- plenty well-trained russian crews of all types (except TDs, but wouldn't do a female crew for that) and plenty training tanks

- plenty american crews, except light tanks, but I have training tanks I could use for that nation

- plenty german crews except light tanks, and I have premium tanks to use for training too

- swedish line is already covered (1 female crew + another crew with 1+ skills)

- czheck line is already covered (full female crew)

- 3 good-ish UK medium crews but no training tank


So what would be a nice new line to start with a female crew:

- american light tanks line (to T49)?

- german light tanks line (to SPIC/HWK 12)?

- british medium tanks (i.e. Centurions?)

- british heavies (hear horror stories so reluctant)?

- chinese heavies (110, 1-4, 113)

- french lights (to BC-12/25?)


On the other hand I am already grinding enough tanks to keep me busy but March deadline will be coming so I need to make a decision.... I like to play most tank types so can't decide based on type, I'd rather be looking for something that has an interesting playstyle maybe different from the popular russian/german/american tanks


Any suggestions welcome... I'm sure I missed many options...






ndiver #2 Posted 18 January 2018 - 11:11 AM

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Depends what you like to play.

A female crew can be useful when you have a late split in a branch and are not willing to farm as long the crew for the second tier 10. Typical examples are Obj. 140 / T62A, 113 / WZ 5A, BC-25t / AMX30.

Depends also for which use you expect the tank in question (FFA, SH, CW). If it's to put it in a tank that will sleep in your garage, that can be a waste of a good crew.

I've my female crews in a soviet med and in the WZ111 5A and in the T-10 expecting the new heavy TX.

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OneSock #3 Posted 18 January 2018 - 11:17 AM


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I just stuck my female crew in the Chinese TD line.


Sure there are other lines, but most of them screw around with the crew make up down the line by adding an extra loader, switching a radio operator, or some other nonsense. With the China TD line the crew is the same all the way to Tier X, so at no point do you have to employ a gimped crew member who needs BIA training.


The other option is to make the girls commanders on 4 separate lines and train the rest of the male crew with BIA as soon as you can.


I ruled this out as I just have too much else to grind and not enough time (and too cheap for premium ;) )

TEMELJNI #4 Posted 18 January 2018 - 11:25 AM


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t49 <3

Aikl #5 Posted 18 January 2018 - 11:28 AM


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The most effective use of girls is arguably to use one or two on each tank. Commander and driver are usually the ones with the most relevant skills.

SyJoMa #6 Posted 18 January 2018 - 12:44 PM


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Agree with Aikl - use females as commaders. But if you want to have them all in one tank I think LT's benefit the most. You need all the skills you can get to be effective - full camo, snaphot&smoothride, both viewrange skills and sixth sense ofcourse. Repairs and BIA never hurts and they get ammoracked often so safe stowage.... lots of skills...

I would go for the german lights, they are all great vehicles (as far as lights go) untill tier X. (Edit: realized I haven't played the nerfed VK 28.01, HWK or SPIC, but I understand they are OK)...  I enjoyed RU251 very much. My second choice would be the British heavy line. That's where I put my christmast gift-girls. Caravan is great tank. Churchill III is OK... Churchill VII and BP are horrible, but worth the Caravan imho :) 

Also have experience from chinese heavies and american lights, but I would pick german lights and british heavies before those. Chinese HT line is arguably better in general than the british one, but the british top tier vehicles are better. German lights... well, I think they are just more fun than the american ones :)

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