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Who's up for new round of player-made Historical Battles?

Historical Historical Battles Historical Battle Training room

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battlehamer #1 Posted 19 January 2018 - 07:27 AM


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Hello fellow tankers! 

As we all know historical battles have been removed from the game long time ago and forum section dedicated to player-made historical battles ( in training rooms ) seems pretty dead so if you would like to participate in the Soviet tank wave, German blitzkrieg or French retreat and eventual surrender i would like to suggest a semimonthly / weekly training room where you could do just that in good company.

I present to you Battlehamers Historical Battles project!
( Or BHBs, for short. )

Few times per month, during weekend, i could host a training room where we will recreate one of 45+ scenarios set during Second world war. 
These scenarios could be roughly split into 3 different categories: 

1) Big and famous battles such as Prohorovka or Battle of the Bulge, which we all know and love.

2) Battles that are smaller in scale and importance but more interesting in content, eg. Operation Torch during which American Shermans, Lees and Stuarts fought against tanks of the Vichy France in French North Africa.  

3) ,,What if,, scenarios that still have some base in reality, for example Operation Downfall - cancelled Allied operation for the invasion of Japanese home islands.
During this scenario Japan will be able to field it's most powerful tanks such as Chi Ri and Chi Nus, which were indeed kept on Japanese soil during last years of the war in case of an Allied invasion.

Allies would field a strange bunch of old and new models so we would have Pershings and Matilda 2s fighting side by side. 

About scenarios...
At the moment there is at least one scenario for each current in-game map, leaving us with more than 45 different scenarios and more than 10 playable nations. 
Some of the maps are used for more than one scenario, because they either represent roughly same place in all scenarios that are based on that map ( eg. 1st and 2nd battle of El Alamein ),  or they are replacing the map that's not anymore ( or yet ) in the game.   

Before each battle:
During the week before each battle i will be posting stuff related to upcoming BHB.
This will include short history lessons for those who care about the backstory and of course required tanks and their historical configuration, camo and optional details like emblems and inscriptions. 


Tanks we will use will have fully historical configuration and exterior, no consumables or equipment ( unless scenario requires it ), stock crews and no shells other than regular AP, unless you drive high caliber vehicle like some of the Soviet SPGs, KV-2s,early Brittish Cruisers or Artilleries ( or unless once again, scenario requires it ). 
Artillery will be used mostly for the sake of balance, you probably wont see it most of the time.

At the start of each round both teams will reduce HP of all their tanks to roughly 10%. That way if your vehicle gets penetrated by enemy tanks, you are out of action for the rest of the battle which is as close to real life as we can get. 

Optimal number of players for most of the battles is 30 + few more guys as backup or observers. 

Stuff i would like to hear your opinion about... 

There are still few things that need to be hammered out, and for these concepts i need to hear your feedback:


1) The question of command - Should we have a team commander or should we just freestyle, like in random battles? If you are in favor of team commandant who should we give it to? Best player in the team according to xvm? Give it to one observer in each team who will be able to see all allied and enemy tanks during the battle ( And call it ,,commander's scout aircraft,, ;)?

2) Focus on realism or focus on balance? - There are clear underdogs in many of these scenarios and sometimes these make me worried that playing them wont be fun. Should we stick to historical proportion of good to crappy tanks in each battle, or should we limit underdogs for the weaker side whenever there are better tanks available? 

( For example some of the 1941 scenarios feature Soviet tanks going up against German team which consists of mostly light tanks like Panzer 2s, and those things are pretty bad even when fighting other Soviet light tanks. Should we in these scenarios stick to historical large amount of German light tanks or should we replace some of them with Panzer IIIs and IVs to make Germans at least slightly more competitive? 

3) How to assign players to tanks? I recommend first come first served system, where each player can ,,reserve,, one of the tanks for himself by commenting on my post related to tanks we will use in upcoming battle. If you have a better idea i would love to hear it. 

 Feel free to give any feedback or ask any questions. 





See you on the battlefield! :)



EltvilleTiger #2 Posted 19 January 2018 - 08:51 AM


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Nah.... There are other games more focused on realism and that market is very small... most of us just want our tanks to kill other tanks and look good while doing it.  WoT tried this battle mode long ago and let's face it, playing your KV1 and PZr4 isn't fun over and over again.   Try Company of Heroes 2.

Gardar7 #3 Posted 19 January 2018 - 08:54 AM


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"French retreat and eventual surrender"  :teethhappy::D:trollface: 


250swb #4 Posted 19 January 2018 - 09:08 AM

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T-34's ramming Tiger 1's at Prohorovka, yes will be realistic if attempted.............

Jigabachi #5 Posted 19 January 2018 - 09:47 AM

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I never understood the fascination about that kind of stuff.
We already have those kinds of broken matches in the regular game.

undutchable80 #6 Posted 19 January 2018 - 10:19 AM


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Nice fun idea for something different. Lots of practical issues to work out though and I have nothing to contribute since my knowledge of WWII tanks compared to WoT equivalents is crap. Just wanted to give +1 for the initiative.

MrClark56 #7 Posted 19 January 2018 - 10:26 AM


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+ 1 for bunch of Tiger 1 raping some shermans... but your idea sounds fun for those who want more realism or historical moments in WOT. for the few historical battles  i played i kinda enjoyed them.. but i was in my OP (Back then) hellcat...


Good luck BH

OreH75 #8 Posted 19 January 2018 - 12:11 PM


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+1 for the idea and effort. Not my cup of tea but I hope you can find some like minded people and have some fun. You could even consider of making a new, original youtube series of those battles. 

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