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Tier 10 Bully Looking to Move Out

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WHY_ARE_YOU_READING_THIS #1 Posted 23 January 2018 - 05:57 PM


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hey whats up..  im a tier 10 bully style player ,, basically what it means is .. if it full tier 8 battle i just tend to chunk on those guys while ignoring tier 10 opposition  ,,( i do get reked by tier 8  but its usually ends up with somewhat ok dmg output)

So over the years i have developed this bad habbit ... so everytime i get into full tier 10 battle .. im like ..  OHH  CRAP .. these guys gona beat me up ..( with me usualy being toasted or my team reking everything)

i tend to play the game at full tier 10 completely  awkwardly ...  even on tier 9 i would really like to engage a tier 10 tank ...  but when im tier 10 and im engaging another tier 10 i feel like im a tier 4 ...

its really weird ... i think i think about it too much .,. i do not feel comfortable in  full tier 10 battles .. unless its 10 mixed with 9 or 8 or both..

i even feel more comfortable in a tier 8 facing a tier 10 than  being a tier 10 myself facing another tier 10...

i been working out at the gym alot .. and playing other games ... where i have no issues engaging hostiles ..

So i think its all those years of bad high tier gaming  messing me up ...  i probably have the worst tier 10 stats ever .. 

so can anyone look at my tank stats real quick and tell me if there is a pattern there ? or perhaps pm me in game and do some platooning  n see what im doing ..


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