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Looking for Clan

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Maauru #1 Posted 24 January 2018 - 05:29 PM

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I am looking for clan. What I am interested in clan is that it is active SH and CW clan.
As active SH clan I consider one having minimum 200 SH games last 28 days (even that is on low side).
For SH I don't care about which tier clan play mostly but for CW I would prefer T10 simply as I have much higher selection of T10 tanks.
T8 CW is mostly about OP premiums (Defender and company...) which I have no intention to buy.
Also, I would like active clan meaning every evening there is lot of players on-line and where people like to platoon and which does not struggle to fill in SH/CW team.

I have 17 Tier10 tanks and among them there is many which are CW useful tanks.


HT: Super Conqueror, FV215B, E100, IS7, AMX50B, WZ-111 5A, 113
MT: Obj140, T62A, BC25t, E50M, Leopard 1, AMX30B, TVP T50/51
TD: JPZE-100, Grille 15
LT: AMX 13 105


I also have RU251 and T-54lw as T9 so I can easy get T-100LT if needed.
And if having Maus or Type5 is mandatory than I am not interested as I have no intention grinding those 2 tanks any time soon.
I believe that T10 I already have do contain enough of CW capable tanks. I can skip battles on map requiring ton of Maus/Type5.


Please do not just copy/paste some standard recruitment posts.
I will put as much effort into reading those as ones posting them did - none.


I speak English and Croatian language so clan where people mostly communicate some other language is not interested.
I want to be able to communicate with clanmates.





Please do not send me ingame messages. I have disabled random messages in garage and can only recieve them from friends and clanmates. So, I will not be able to read those messages (and if anybody sent it this is reason I didn't reply) and please respond here or on private message on forum.

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WAAT_Commander #2 Posted 25 January 2018 - 09:34 AM

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Hey there..

We only started doin tier10 for recent Gambit campaign which for our first ever proper tier10 outtin, went pretty well.. 

When global map finally opens we plan on improvin on the few provinces we gained at tier8 and hopefully keepin them longer as well as many tier10s as we can do..

We have plenty online and me and officers try to encourage all to use our discord server for all info and comms..

Here's a link to our recruitment post with more info and links if your interested...



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