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The main problem with world of tanks.

3 5 7 pay to win problem with world of tanks new players problem wargaming wargaming slowly ruin game bad money

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Steeleye_Spam #81 Posted 18 July 2018 - 01:58 PM

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I agree with those who point out that the 3-5-7 template isn't the problem in itself. I don't mind this, and much prefer it to the multiple games I used to get as the sole bottom tier. HOWEVER, as also previously pointed out, its the emphasis given to this template over 5-10 and 15 which is totally wrong. +/- 1 and same tier battles are invariably more fun than +/-2, and this for me is the core of the issue. Fine, keep +/-2 MM as an option, but it should not be the default.




All I can think is that WG are wedded to +/-2 MM solely due to profit reasons :-ie: trying to get people to spend money to get to tier 9/10 tanks.


However, for me at least the present system actively de-motivates me to grind tanks past T7, as you're stuck playing (often) shitty tanks for 100s of battles with little opportunity to do well in games, as you are hardly ever top or even tier.

Hiisi #82 Posted 18 July 2018 - 02:42 PM

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3-5-7 template is rather bad, biggest problem is if top tier tanks are played by red noobs. Increaces rolf stomps. Also vehicle balance in general is bad and needs to be fixed asap. Mm layout should be 40 % 3-5-7, 40% 5-10 and 20% of 15 similar tier tanks.

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