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Normal Dispersion vs RNG + OP vs Broken

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TungstenHitman #1 Posted 29 January 2018 - 01:47 PM


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Hi guys,


Since Windows update center decided I can't play this game for the next... 8-9 months lets talk some interesting topics that have been playing on my mind and others too I'm sure.


Normal Dispersion and RNG. What's the difference here then? Can you even tell? I can't. Some tanks like the Cromwell I'm grinding for example, just has a terrible moving dispersion soft stats. While racing around and even just turning the turret slightly while static, this thing can't hit a barn door. Now why on earth would I say "bloody RNG cost me the win!" when I know the gun is massively sensitive to movement and therefore throwing shots wide is to be expected. Some tanks aim fast and are accurate but any slight movement of the mouse causes them their aiming circle to bloom very dramatically while other guns with a large inaccurate aim circle might not really be influenced much by movement at all. So what is it then? Do you even know your tanks gun soft stats? Do you just moan because you think you got a bad rub of the RNJESUS or can you genuinely tell? Maybe you can and I'd like to know how?


An OP tank and a Broken tank. So what's the difference here then? My assessment of a tank being OP would be that it is a tank that's has a combination of superior advantages over most all other tanks of the same class and tier without many drawbacks that would in any way balance it's truck load of advantages. Sort of like when players got upset with the Defender. It had incredible frontal armor that took away the typical pike nose IS3 weaknesses, reduced the typical weak roof to a much small level of target exposure, kept that great mobility/agility, crazy accurate gun well beyond what the stats would suggest, really high pen and alpha and various other attributes while the "balance" was weaker side and rear armor and slightly less dpm... lol... ya so that's an example of the drawbacks not at all balancing the advantages since the drawbacks were nothing really an equal tier and same class tank could really exploit.. a bit like the Type5 is at tier10 and some other Superheavies.. their "weaknesses" are simply not balancing their advantages, and certainly not on these maps!! with the exception of a few maps. But what is it to say a tank is broken? Is it the same thing? what are some examples of OP tanks that are not broken and broken tanks that are not OP?   



TankkiPoju #2 Posted 29 January 2018 - 02:15 PM

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I think the biggest shame for WG isnt the power creep or unbalanced maps or MM or RNG or huge bot population on servers.


It's the fact WG can sell 40 euro pixel tanks without telling customers BEFORE HAND all their hidden stats. Instead people need to use 3rd party portals like tanks.gg, if they even know these exist. It's for me just impossible to understand the reasoning behind this.


Selling tanks like CDC is IMHO a fraud.


The official explanation still stands "People would get confused" by all the stats. Yeah sure.


commer #3 Posted 29 January 2018 - 02:17 PM


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Broken but not op? FV4005

Broken but OP? Type5


The difference? Win rate curves. 

Noo_Noo #4 Posted 29 January 2018 - 02:23 PM


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Over powered for me means a tank is tuned too high. It can be brought back into balance through a simple nerf to certain thing(s). For me the Defender is OP. 


Broken is where a tank / class cannot be balanced by traditional nerfs or buffs. It needs to be completely reworked. The package as a whole is just wrong. Type 5 is bordering on broken. You could nerf the armour but it still has that daft gun and premium ammo. 


I also think certain tanks are what I call extreme. High Tier Swedish TD's are a prime example, Huge camo, huge DPM, excellent accuracy but such a one trick pony in the way they play they cannot carry or do anything else other than one thing. It makes them situational and at times very map dependant. High alphs TD's could also fall into this category. although the FV 4005 may also be tuned a little high too. 

VsUK #5 Posted 29 January 2018 - 02:29 PM

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RNG is just broken full stop. Shots that shouldn't worry you some how rip you apart. Snap shots hitting your weak spots & shots failing to make a dent on the sides of tanks with virtually no armour. Then there's the accuracy. You know RNG has set you as a disadvantage when every shot you fire is nowhere near the centre of your retical. But the enemy at distance still able to hit the slither of your turret exposed every time. That's when you know you're due to inject more money into the game to win favour with the games mechanics. Because something people seem to forget conveniently. Your aim & the outcome of your shots is completely dictated by the RNG. You point & fire, that's like buying a raffle & you hope you win a hit & do damage! 

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