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Which tank for improved ventilation system?

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Doctor_of_Economics #1 Posted 30 January 2018 - 03:03 PM


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Hello my friends,


first i have made the decision, to use some bonds for the purchase of improved Ventilation System (Why? Because, my former studies of mathematics suggests, that with improved Ventilation System you have the highest relative Bonus - from 5% to 7,5 % and therefore 50 % - from the improved Equipments rammer, Ventilation, optics and stabilizer and my Population consists only of the forementioned choices because i mainly Play meds)


But which tank? My favourite t10 is the object 140, but i use rammer, stabilizer and optics; if i am going to swap the optics with the new improved Ventilation System, my viewrange Drops to 445m - even with situational awareness and recon. is this a viable choice? most of the time i dont Play with Food, because most of the time i dont Play with a premium account, so Food is a very expensive alternative.


So, i think i should Mount the improved Ventilation System on the batchat 25t or the lorraine 40t, where atm the normal vents are mounted.


I look Forward to some suggestions from you. Thanks very much and greetings from Germany. Ciao.

mango91 #2 Posted 30 January 2018 - 03:09 PM


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I'd go with the bat


slightly better everything means a lot on that tank, imo

Warzey #3 Posted 30 January 2018 - 03:14 PM

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If you have a skilled crew with situational awareness and recon you can easily drop coated optics for ventilation. Since you're driving "in your face" kind of medium tank you don't really need to max out your view range. There are a few mediums where you don't want to swap optics for ventilation and those are the ones that generally fight at long range like Leopard and Centurion AX for example.

With autloaders it's really a simple decision since those tanks can't equip rammer so they all run ventilation, optics, and stabilizer. 

Basically you can go for 140 if you want to, it's a viable option and you won't feel the missing optics, but I feel like you'll get more "value" from equipping it on batchat because you'll be a bit better at spotting and improve bats horrible gun handling. 

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