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Artillery trajectory visualization sheet

Arty artillery acr trajectory visualization sheet excel

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DutchBaron_ #1 Posted 02 February 2018 - 08:55 PM


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When I was looking for an arty piece to do missions in I found very little information about the trajectories of different arty pieces, while this is a very inmportant stat for an arty. 

The higher the arc the easier you will be able to shoot over rocks but the flight time of your shell will also increase making it harder to lead shots.

Since there wasnt much information over the trajectory i did some math and tests to find them out. I also found some strange things while doing research.

I have made an Excel sheet that can visualise the arcs of all arties.



Excel sheet for the visualization

https://www.dropbox.... V1.0.xlsx?dl=0

Instructions included in the sheet


While doing research for the arty sheet i came across a strange technic, High arcing



To give arty shells in WoT a high arc they are given a custom gravity component. This component is different for every arty but usally around 150 (normal shells have 9.81). With this value in combination with the muzzle velocity you can calculate the arc. I have these values from Tankinspector, they seem to be correct but i dont know how they get these values. It could be that Tankinspector just calculates the gravity values with the max range and the velocity of the shell, if thats the case the values wont be accurate for arties with a higher gun elevation then 45 degrees.



The arty sheet isnt perfect, I came across some strange things when testing arties with a higher gun elevation then 45 degrees. Normally your max range will be when you are firing at 45 degrees, and if you fire at lets say 30 or 60 degrees your shell should land in the same place (+/- 15 degrees from 45), but in WoT this isnt so. When I was testing with a Bison I reached max range at like 60 degrees. WoT is programmed that your gun elevation goes up the farther you shoot, this is realistic for arties with a max elevation of 45 degrees but not for arties with a higher max elevation because the range should go down after they pass 45 degrees. The only way to get this working is to give the arty shell a different gravity component for each different elevation above 45 degrees. (it could also be that the muzzle velocity changes with each elevation above 45 degrees, but this seems more unlikely to me). Because I dont know these values the sheet becomes inaccurate when the gun elevation goes above 45 degrees (the higher the gun elevation the more inaccurate the sheet will become), and I will have to do a lot more testing to get these values.


To help with testing i would love to use a mod that shows the gunelevation, i have found this mod: https://worldof-tank...of-tanks-0-9-1/

but i cant get it working (i have never used a mod before so i have no idea what i am doing), maybe someone else knows a simelar mod or gets this mod working.



- With version 1.0 the sheet wont be accurate all the time (essacialy with guns with high elevation)

- I need to do more testing but i need an elevation indicator mod for that (maybe someone uses one or can get Super Arty MeltyMap sight working)

- I am not an arty player, i only have a few arties for missions and some low tiers i bought for testing, so if people can test the sheet with some arty and give feedback if it feels correct, it would be great.


BP_OMowe #2 Posted 03 February 2018 - 03:28 PM


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I found some calculations and trajectories about a year ago I'll see if I can find them.





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