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Maximilian2k #1 Posted 07 February 2018 - 05:17 PM


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Im not sure what was the idea behind this 3 5 7 mm, but it is complete crap.


There was probably some meeting of the "cool" developers with the question of the day "how can we squeeze more money out of peoples pockets". An idea started flying around the room ... "lets somehow force people to rush higher tiers ... ", but how?!?!  Then some bright guy that i wish all the best and that he gets in life exactly what i get in this game ... came with this crap"lets make mm 3 5 7 and show them how good it will be if they are top tier vs lower tier .. this way they might use gold they get from prem shop to exchange exp to free xp and boost their lines", without even thinking of the consequences this has over the new players coming to game or old players that maybe enjoy playing some other tiers not only tier 9 or 10.


You are a new player and try to learn the game ... watch vids of tanks weak spots and how to angle your tank so you maximize armor or how to use terrain in your advantage and then face the harsh reality ingame where you get the +2 mm and the guy top tier just points and hits you no matter what you try to do. And that happens game after game after game after game cause you realize the 3 5 7 mm gives you about a 70-80% chance of being the middle or bottom tier. You pray the top tiers in your team are reliable and will make a good game and win, while you struggle not to be food for the other team`s top tiers and get the best out of it. Then there are those 20-30% where you get top tier and you try to make the difference and hope it wont be 0 - 3 in first minute of game. Some you might even enjoy cause you manage to kill their top tier on your line and then just punish the low tiers ...


You are a old player and try to make a new line, maybe farm some credits or lvl a new crew ... and its same thing again. Get your new line started and game after game underdog .. you are experienced and have the advantage of knowledge, but that helps until you get to about tier 8 where you start to get mm with tier 9/10 where players have better crew or tanks, so the fun is over. You are like playing poker vs a better hand with the odds on your side, but the turn and the river wont always help you and most of the time you lose.

Farming credits and lvling crew is same crap... tier 8 mm 70-80% vs tier 10 ... no matter how good you are, there are 15 players in a team and you just hope your top tiers are good or you will get run over with them... Yes i could play the few tier 8 prem that are op no matter what mm you get .. but why should i be limited to only those ...


Yes im frustrated cause i like playing heavy tanks a lot and this crap mm is a joke ... i have 30% of my games in tier 8 and it used to be fun when i started playing years ago even if i was bad at the game .. was still fun ... now its a struggle.

Simple example during weekend i played the new tier 8 France heavy ... 114 games mostly in tier 9 or 10 with a tank that has a decent turret, but 100 hull armor that gets hit even by tier 6-7 ... not even worth talking how it goes facing tier 9-10. And lets not talk about when you meet tier 10 playing in tier 8 with gold ammo, where not even the 250 turret frontal armor of the AMX cant help you. Yes you would say .. stay behind and do your best ... How much difference can you make when you are a slow heavy with craparmor that will get killed by any higher tier light med ... and crushed by higher tier heavy/td.


This mm isnt fun. Yes it helps speed up finding games ... but its not games you enjoy when you are most of the times the underdog ... the fun is gone with this crapidea of making mm 3 5 7


Lets not talk about playing platoon where you are most of the times the low tier if you dont play a tier 9/10 platoon. You cant enjoy grinding a new line with friends, cause you have to play maps like in the Kraken event where you were hiding and shooting ... in hope that the top tier doesn't target you


3 5 7 is crap.. get more games +1 mm or same tier ... it might take longer to find games, but players would enjoy more the game and they would have a fair match up where they can learn the game and not get frustrated cause they always see their name on the bottom of the list while loading map ...



Im sorry for the long post, but maybe if more people complain on forum they will decide to make something about it and not completely ignore this issue that drives players away ...

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VsUK #2 Posted 07 February 2018 - 06:35 PM

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Teams are set up so the top tiers are the most rewarded, but then even 1 team has been deliberately set at a disadvantage. More especially when the enemy are the defending team & they get 3 Obj 268 Us & a few Obj 430 Us & your team consists of out armoured & out gunned tanks that have no hope in hell of winning, unless the enemy team are complete idiots. Which if you ask me. Anyone who spends a lot of money to convert free exp to skip the entire tech tree to get those tanks is highly stupid & the main reason this game is going down the path it is. It's not a game for the mass's. Its a game for those who blindly spend hundreds whenever they launch a new OP tank or TD. 

But, people will keep on playing, keep on buying premium time & keep on complaining to deaf ears. Because they keep on spending regardless. A bit like putting food down in the garden at night, then complain when the fox's crapall over the place, but never stop putting that food down.


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