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Game Crashes in Windows 10...

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LexT_gr #1 Posted 07 February 2018 - 09:20 PM


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Good afternoon 


I am facing a problem with starting the game in my laptop...it continiously crashes!!! I am running Windows 10. Anyone else has same problem?


Erwin_Von_Braun #2 Posted 07 February 2018 - 10:24 PM

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Hmm, can't say I've had anything like that myself.

I assume you've done all the usual driver updates?


Cr4zyBunny #3 Posted 10 February 2018 - 07:30 PM


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I have the exact same problem. Win 10 64bit. It's really annoying. Sometimes it comes right away. Sometimes it comes after a few games, and sometimes it just crashes during a game.


PeetDNeet #4 Posted 15 February 2018 - 07:09 PM


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Hi Guys, I am in ! 

I have the same problem.... But...maybe take it a bit further.... it never happenen on my old laptop and started with a new one since mid last year.

From day one I have had continuous issues like game hang up and blues screens. I recently posted this to WG as a ticket. See.>>>>> 


So my conclusion.... It is newer version of Nvidia eg 1060  / 1070 / 1080 and W10-64.... please comment what GPU you run with. 


I play WOT since 2013 and uses till mid 2017 an ASUS ROG Laptop with latest Windows-10 + older Nvidea-card G960 (I think). Fps about 50. Game always ran without problem. Since mid 2017 I have a new ASUS ROG laptop and from day one I have continues issues because game is crashing regularly without a clear cause. I come to the conclusion that the game is not running stable when using a higher version on NVDIA-GPUs. Why ? 1) this issue with the ASUS ROG - (See attached file from WG-Check report) 2) I have also tried with NEW ASUS desktop and this gives the same issues. So i send back this Desktop to the seller then 3) I bought for testing a new DELL ALIENWARE R17 and again the issues are still there. All these machines have W10 + NVIDIA latest high-end GPUs. And now it comes .... I have also bought a new DELL Desktop with AMD-GPU..... frames-rate is 60 and totally now problems.... game is running stable as I was used to. I just to day downloaded the 1.0 testclient to see how this would run on the ASUS ROG and again game simply broke down 4 or 5 times running totally instable. I guess per mail you get the feedback as I saw this reporting beeing send. Anyway.... This is a serious problem if, and this looks like it, the combi of the game with highend NVIDIA seems a game-stability killer. I think there must be many more gamers to have this issue. And if not they will come with new NVIDIA's in newer machines.

I hope you can get your fingers behind this because it is really frustrating to have a machine hangup during the game. 
Thanks for help and pls contact me for further feedback or help in the finding of the rootcause for this issue. 

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