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Thinking of going for baguette mediums

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thiextar #1 Posted 09 February 2018 - 11:45 AM

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So, im sorta toying with the idea of going up the frenchie medium tech tree, but i wanna get your view on it first.


I am most interested in the tier 9 amx 30, as i pretty much only play t9, but i am also interested in the bc ap.


So how does the amx 30 stack up vs the other tier 9 meds? I mean, ive seen the stats on tanks.gg, and noticed the incredibly high baguettes/minute, but from your personal experience, how would you rate it?


Also, how is the line as a whole from tier 7 and up? I noticed that ill have to spend a ludicrous amount of time on the bc 12t, so is it any good?

Junglist_ #2 Posted 09 February 2018 - 11:56 AM

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Can't comment about the actual grind since I've done it before the changes but the tier 9 AMX is pretty good tank indeed I'd rate it 8.5 croissants.

You can try it out on test server I did see you in a battle there last night

Barbouze #3 Posted 09 February 2018 - 12:40 PM


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Impressions of an average baguette & croissants eater that played Lorraine 40t before it was premium, got a free BC25tAP, just finished the BC12t grind and recently bought the AMX30:

- BC25tAP can be great in good hands but you have to know maps by heart as you can't go close combat and sniping is not that great. Add to that bad gun depression+long reloading clip and you have to be really careful as to when, where and who you engage. Late game is when this tanks shine as a run and gun finisher/lone prey killer. Seems more and more outdated with each patch. I sold it to go the AMX30 path so I had to grind the BC12t.

- BC12t could be a fun tank if it wasn't for its low dps. Good at passive scouting with its small size, fits in any bush (camo/view range perks and equipments mandatory.). Low tier and low armor harasser, a little mosquito that annoys more than it harms. Be prepared to be team, map and MM dependent so it will be a long frustrating grind with one great game once in a blue moon. Certainly designed as a free XP sink by WG.


GL & try to HF :)

Mimos_A #4 Posted 09 February 2018 - 12:46 PM


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The AMX 30 is a beast. Grind is a bit weird and inconsistent. First you get some slow low tier crap. The Duck is kind of fun, but the gun is horrid. Then you suddenly switch to lights. No idea how the ELC is after the chances. The AMX13 75 was and is good, Really mean little gun to for mid/late game. The Batchat 12t is... sort of okay, but bad at the same time? It doesn't have a whole lot going for it and it's one of the blandest tanks to have to grind 3 tanks from.

freddiebox #5 Posted 09 February 2018 - 12:53 PM


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To me it felt like the french tree starts off with very fun and interesting tanks in low tier. The baguettes have some of the best protected tanks of their tiers between tier two and tier four. But when you reach tier five it slowly starts going downhill with the tanks getting less and less armour until you start slowly crawl to the top of the tree and it becomes somewhat interesting again. I stopped at tier seven and the last french tank I could still have some fun in was the ARL 44. But I play my collected low tier french tanks almost daily just for the fun of driving micro-maus tanks in such low tiers. My favorite baguettes are the B1, D2, Pz. S35, Somua S35, and two rare premium tanks I managed to get my hands on the Pz. B2 and the Pz. 38H.

Ricky_Rolls #6 Posted 09 February 2018 - 05:56 PM

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tier 9 amx 30 was a beast before, now i don't know since i didn't play it. But when you're playing the tier 10 you suddenly realize how much can 15 or 20mm of penetration affect the gameplay.

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