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The view of the Gnome Overlord of the Saltmines, from a long term subscriber's eyes

The Mighty Jingles

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Marybanks #1 Posted 12 February 2018 - 06:36 PM


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Not sure this will be seen now. But never the less, the day's episode of "Mingles with Jingles" have brought me inspiration to give my view of a known, fame and rather popular Gnome Overlord of the Saltmines.

The Mighty Jingles, is born in the UK, 10th of March 1970. (Then you're all welcome to calculate his age from this).

He is a plain, down-to-earth British citizen, popular, and famous all over the world, for his charactaristic voice, heard in average 6 days of the week, through most of the year. He is NOT snobby, arogant, selfish or mean. All he has got, is his honesty. Which doesn't change the slightest, whether his videos are sponsored or not. Amongst Jingles' videos are the ones, which brought him the fame, world of tanks, and then later, world of warships ones the best known. But his content is wider than that. And his gaming horizon is wide, as he regularly tries out new games, where subnautica is the latest one.

Jingles only tries to sort relevant stuff, from nonsense. 
And as a YouTube subscriber, with a broken confidence in some aspects, it is just not easy being one out of a whole lots of people, standing on one another's toes just to get his attention. He is a big name, on YouTube, and as yours truely, recalls, there was one time, where he got recognized in his local area as well.
The thing that makes him so popular, is that he sends out an honest, down-to-earth, and openminded appearence, inviting to friendship.


In case, that the Gnome Overlord should see this, the other things I wanted to talk with him about or mention to him;

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