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drbulletcola #1 Posted 13 February 2018 - 02:41 AM


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Ahm..i don't know how to start this, but oh help..Where do we have to..sign..a petition..or something..to wargaming actually fix the matchmaking especially at tier 8 ? not talking about lower tiers, because down there it's somehow ..manageable.But in tier 8, if u don't have some pretty fucked up, goof tank(like defenderforthewin, patriot or liberte) you're pretty screwed.And what about doing a change onto premium round in the higher tiers? Like i don't know.I get it that you(yes im talking to you, player with big pocket, investing heavy in this game) but..don't you guys all of you feel like nowadays, everyone is kinda spamming gold ammo? and ur armor is literally useless..against it? Just saying.When do WG will fix that? I kinda propose a system...like : if u'r tank is equiped in a manner that you are pretty much up close to 100% performance(like premium rounds,equipments with bonds, etc ) to be queued against higher tier oponents with worst equipped tanks.Wouldn't be much fair this way? And a matchmaking like +1 is really required.Because i've saw to much goofness in game...where red dude, with crapton of armor again, firing premium round at bottom tier begginer players that they (maybe) are better than them at this game...and this sucks, i dont know.At least, i don't know..with everything..and how the game goes but...the matchmaking (at least the rate that you get bottom tier with tier 8 tank) should be fixed.

(sorry for the length of the message.)

If a customer support wg dude is reading this, or whatever..please response.I already did a ticket, and some random girl(i mean i thought is a girl by her name) provide me this place to actually complain about what i have to say.So..here you go WG. 

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