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Ranked Battles News - Customization Styles

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Kandly #1 Posted 14 February 2018 - 10:17 AM


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Hi guys!


As you probably know, the new season of Ranked Battles will soon be here!


We’ve considered your feedback for the previous seasons and added significant changes which will make Ranked matches even more interesting for everyone (read more about the upcoming Ranked Season here).


Today we have some exclusive info to share with you: unique customization styles for the best players, which differ according to the league you’ll be in. Can you prove that you are the best? :playing:








Jotneblod #2 Posted 14 February 2018 - 12:02 PM


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So basically I need to finish in the 3rd league if I want the cool camo without menstrual blood? Roger.

I do like the idea of reward camos but I think the red for the 1nd and 2nd leagues is so out of place that it's not even funny. At least this does allow everyone a fair chance at the cool camo with less effort so that's something.

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Aikl #3 Posted 14 February 2018 - 12:45 PM


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Why, exactly, does it look like someone did the turret and 25% of the hull before they had enough and copy-pasted the pattern to fill out the rest?


Interesting anyway. Longing for more skins with a touch of disease, however. I've only got so many Christmas camos, and so many tanks that deserve the worst decorations available. :(

ogremage #4 Posted 14 February 2018 - 05:17 PM

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If I place in league then do I get camo for free or just a chance to buy it?

TheArk_2014 #5 Posted 15 February 2018 - 07:27 AM


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View Postogremage, on 14 February 2018 - 04:17 PM, said:

If I place in league then do I get camo for free or just a chance to buy it?


You will get one "Style Pack" for free if you manage to be placed in one of the three leagues.




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Ety_Dinamo #6 Posted 20 February 2018 - 07:55 PM


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Good evening, on February 20, 2018 at 19:00 (Italy), EU1 and EU2 have ceased to work, the problem is how we recover the place we were when the servers fell and especially that we have premium days ..... .. why we invest in WOT when WG do not do something to work properly EU1 and EU2 seem to have no intention of investing in servar maintenance, I wonder if it is worthwhile to invest time and money in this game, irony is that I can not play it, WHY ???? have fallen EU1 SI EU2 hahahahaha

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