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What maps need changing.

Maps Changes Lake Ville Glacier Overlord Fishermans Bay

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Thuis001 #1 Posted 16 February 2018 - 01:14 AM

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Hello everyone, with the CT of 1.0 being underway for almost a week now I thought about what maps need changes, and I am not talking about maps that are beyond saving, (Ensk, Kharkov, Stalingrad) but rather about those that need a partial reconstruction as to allow for better and more dynamic gameplay.



While most of this map is quite good you have that annoying corridor at the 1-2 line. This useless valley seems to attract the attention of most top tier tanks like moths to a lamp, this is very annoying given how in doing so it generally dooms the team. Why? Well from both sides one can defend the exit with 1 or 2 tanks and sniping TD's this means that any tank coming out of it will most likely die having achieved nothing. I suggest removing the mountains at the 3-4? line and make it more open, this way it actually becomes usefull and not a gameloser.



This map isn't even in the game and already needs to be changed. Why? because this is probably going to be a very boring map, acting like a worse version of Steppes. Given how the entire mid of the map is useless as there is no cover whatsoever all combat is most likely going to concentrate on the J-K-9-0 line. While the northern side is slightly better than the center the severe lack of cover and hulldown spots will be making this fairly pointless aswell. As for the Aircraft carrier that they magicly got there (seriously, how the f*ck did they park that thing there) it would be nice if you could enter it from the northern side aswell rather then just from D4.



The HD conversion has seen the extreme flattening of this map, leaving only 3 hills in total. If this map is going to go live in it's current state this will probably be the worst map there is, trumping things like Mines in high tier, Ensk and Stalingrad. It is TOO OPEN, once you are in control of one of the hills there is no point in attacking you. Why? well, you can just sit on top and slaughter anyone as they try to cross 400-500 meters of open ground. Seriously WG keep it out of the rotation for now, rework it AGAIN and try it out later because this version will be unplayable.


Fisherman's Bay:

The 1-2 line is even when HD fairly bad, the south still has and stupidly OP position from the windmill, given how you can snipe the mid, the base and the 1-2 line itself. Add more cover to it in the form of rocks and defelations and remove this windmill.



Well, the 1-3 lines on this map are probably tied with the valley on Lakeville when we are talking about the worst flank in the game. Why? because the entire beach is pointless, you can just sit at the end of the corridors going up to slaughter anyone coming up here. Once again this seems to attract an rediculous amount of Heavies, which are essentially useless that way. Just block this area off please, it is really annoying to loose matches because half your team goes there just to die when going back up.


If there are more maps with a badly designed flank akin to the ones I mentioned above let me know and I will add them, besides that have a nice day.

Exozen #2 Posted 16 February 2018 - 01:15 AM

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Pretty much all of them are outdated , they are balanced for a meta that died some 5 years ago.

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