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The grinding of modules: Some ideas to improve it.

stock grind elite tanks

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Thuis001 #1 Posted 21 February 2018 - 09:04 PM

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Hello everyone, recently I've been playing a bit of WT and AW and noticed how much better the module grinding in those games is. For those of you that don't know/don't believe me: In neither game do you have "stock" Turrets or guns, rather you have to research different types of shells. This way every tank is essentially "competetive" from the moment you buy it and thus won't hinder your team, or your fun/enjoyment of the game.


To get something like this a major overhaul is necessary, why? A lot of modules will be removed, others will be added.  I will now go trough the different modules and the changes to them:


Current modules:


The concept of stock turrets will be removed, this way tanks start of with a competetive turret, which has the armor it would have but that currently has to be grinded. This way a tank can fullfill it's job from the first battle. You won't have to grind turrets anymore. Thinks like additional spaced armor (Like for example on the current Conq. top turret) will become a new kind of module, more about this later.



Most tanks have a stock gun, perhaps some intermediate guns and then a top gun (or more, I will get into that later on). Most of these guns (essentialy all but top one) are not really competitive which is just sad and hurtfull to both player experience and the team's chance of winning the match. Thus all but the top gun will be removed and won't be researchable anymore. The exeption will be tanks with multiple top guns. (again, this will be talked about later on!)



These will stay a researchable thing, but will be changed fundamentally: No longer the stupidity that you must research the tracks before anything else. All stock tracks will de capable of carrying the modules + equipment. What will top tracks do then? Better Ground Resistance, slightly better dispersion values and perhaps some more track traverse. This way they will stay usefull to get, but won't force you to buy them before getting "actual" upgrades.



These will stay an upgrade just like they are now, absolutely no changes here. (Yeay)



Same case as above, no real changes here. On to more interesting things now.


Proposed modules:



Let me explain: In both AW and WT you can research shells rather than guns, you start of with the standard shell (in WoT generally AP, sometimes APCR) and HE in some cases (Howitzers will start of with HE ofc) The other shells will have to be researched, does this mean that you have to research prem ammo? not exactly, besides these changes there really should come a prem ammo change which will turn it into "just another shell" but that is not the point of this topic. Some tanks will be able to research more shells, (2-3) others less (just 1), you can however only choose 2 types of shells. (HE is always at "3" when this is currently the case) this forces you to make a tactical desicion. This change will alos improve competetivity of stock tanks.


Additional armor:

Some tanks have additional spaced armor, for example the Conq. top turret, and the sides of the IV H. These will turn into an upgrade, something along the lines of: Spaced armor, extra armor or the likes. This again gives you some more modules.



With the removal of "stock turrets" there comes the option to add optics as a module. These will increase the viewrange of a tank (duh) by the same factor the current turret upgrade does.



Among the changes that you recieve when installing the top turret on a tank is generally a buff to gunhandling. Given what happens to turrets, this opens up the option of gun stabilizers. And no, I'm not talking about V-stabs (which is kinda a weird thing anyway) The xp required for this module will be essentially that of the current turret, but than split between this and the optics.


Smoke grenade launchers:

Smoke grenades, and smoke screens could be an interesting mechanic in the game. Working a bit like a consumable, where you can use it once or twice a minute. This would be an entirely new module, and not all tanks will have it. (most of the ones that will get it already have launchers on their models)


some extra things:

Tanks with 2 "topguns":

Some tanks have 2 competetive top guns, tanks like the T-54, the M4 Sherman and the SU-152 come to mind. While "grindguns" are removed, these should stay. How would this work? Well, when you buy a tank, you select 1 of the 2 guns (and you can change this until you have played your first game in the tank.) that gun you will start with, do you want to change at some point? well, than you can research it. The shell upgrades will come from the guns. This way you can play a tank the way you like.


Total xp necessary for a tank grind:

With these changes some tanks will loose modules, others will gain them. However by modifying the xp cost of certain modules (shells, and gun handling stuff) you can make up for the "lost" xp.



The goal:
What is the goal of these changes? Some tanks are essentially unplayable when not top, for example the Cromwell, which has nothing going for it. To make such grinds more fun I think these changes will be very usefull, besides that all tanks will start of competetive when you buy them, but they will get better when you unlock more modules.

Let me hear what you think and share your thoughts below.


Have a nice day,



Grand_Moff_Tano #2 Posted 21 February 2018 - 09:14 PM

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The rework to the game this would require would make it pretty pointless to add, considering it would become a completely different game.

unhappy_bunny #3 Posted 21 February 2018 - 09:29 PM


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Dear OP,

This WoT.

This is not AW.

This is not WT.

Lets keep it this way.

ApocalypseSquad #4 Posted 21 February 2018 - 09:42 PM


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I have a sick and depraved secret.  I like stock grinds, I like grinding modules.  This is evident from the fact that as soon as I have everything researched I lose interest and start a new grind.  I only return to elite it when I have run out of options and need the next tier...  Probably explains why I don't play T10 either.


So no, essentially leave well alone, though there are a couple of nice ideas here that would add to the grind and suit me down to the ground!.

Aikl #5 Posted 21 February 2018 - 10:28 PM


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How would this be good for SerB's moon base, exactly?



Nishi_Kinuyo #6 Posted 21 February 2018 - 11:05 PM


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So basically, you want the game to be more boring.

And how does one decide what is going to be the "elite" gun anyhow when multiple guns are viable, or even if one of the intermediate guns is better than the elite gun?

Ask any decent player which gun is best on the T-34, and they'll invariably say the 57mm, when the 76mm is the supposed elite gun.

As for turrents; not all tanks get improved armour with a turret; some only get improved depression, handling, and viewrange added in addition to the usual hitpoints; and some tanks get only just the hitpoints from it. And then you get tanks where the stock turret is at least as good as the improved turret, if not better (Jumbo Sherman anyone?). Or where there is no notable armour increase at all. Or where the improved turret only exists mostly to accomondate larger gun breeches, or autoloader mechanisms (e.g. Chi-Ri).

Homer_J #7 Posted 21 February 2018 - 11:07 PM

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TL-DR version.


How to "improve" the grind in WoT - remove everything which makes it interesting.

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hasnainrakha57 #8 Posted 21 February 2018 - 11:20 PM

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Well u wont see in chat "sorry i am stock" :)

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kaneloon #9 Posted 21 February 2018 - 11:30 PM


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Wot would even more feel like an arcade game this way, I don't get the idea behind the post.

Are you really suffering the grind ?


It feels so good to unlock modules, to have to think and chose your research path.

I already find it more and more easy.


And some players need this grind in order to progress.


Ps : you can use torsion bars if you dont want to research suspension first.

Pvt_Duffer #10 Posted 22 February 2018 - 12:13 AM

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View PostThuis001, on 21 February 2018 - 08:04 PM, said:

 WT and AW


Nope. Wrong Forum. Wrong Thread, TLDR



Anthony_1972 #11 Posted 22 February 2018 - 12:07 PM


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Well...  WG could certainly have a little look at the stock options, and see if they are fair. 


The French tier V TD starts with a 'stock' 17 pdr gun that is exactly the same as the top gun on the tier V British TD.   That is simply not honest and fair.  At the *very least*, they could have made it the less accurate and slower shooting 17 pdr, that is below the top gun on the British TD.   


It seems WG never really things about these things.   The need a series of grinds within the line, and they make it, regardless of the consequences. 



MrClark56 #12 Posted 22 February 2018 - 01:10 PM


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OP, while your idea is definitely something to think about you are missing the main point...


grinds are made so people spend cash on gold and free xping them... to make life easier. If WG makes grinding easier.. then they get less revenue.. the harder they make it... the more players will gather as much free xp.. or convert gold to skip those modules... it runs part of their economy.. it might be a small part... but it is there nonetheless.

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