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Skirmish and Team Battles vor VII and IX

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bulev_dk #1 Posted 24 February 2018 - 10:34 AM


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Hello tankers/colleagues,


Sharing here personal experience, and also talking with many ppl that play wot.

Since the new update, and bringing the Russian tanks into game, Obj.257/705 and so on...all tier IX, i feel that i dont want to go and try them or go for them.Why? - Cuz there is no point, i cannot do nothing with them, except playing random matches. Thats it! Same happens with other tier IX and VII in the game.No worth playing, because we cannot play team or skirmish with them.

I am doing the mathematics and i understand that if there is this mode to VII and IX, the tier VIII players number will lower down because they will split to otuer tiers playing, but i think we have to give chance to those forgotten tanks. 

There are awesome tanks in this tiers that all would love to play them in skirmishes and team battles.

Please share opinion on this topic.

Thank you !


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