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Grinding for the 268 v4 Thoughts and Opinions

268 v4 SU 101 SU 100M1 Russian TDs TDs

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Rati_Festa #1 Posted 02 March 2018 - 11:55 AM


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So I decided I wanted a 268 v4, I've not done any grinding for awhile and thought I'd write some feedback notes up for my fellow tankers.


SU 100M1 Feedback

As this line has recently been rebalanced I was quite shocked how OP the SU 100M1 is, it basically appears to be a mini version of the 268 v4 in everyway. I'm not the best player by any means, but over 80 matches, I have a wn8 2434 and a wr of 61% and I used its stock gun for about 20 matches. I can only assume with my wn8 a lot of v bad players are playing the tank. The TD bounced Tigers point blank range, T29's and even quite a few IS3 shots, its quite capable of going toe to toe with heavies and due to the DPM win, if I compare my experience in the St.EMil, Jpanther and Challenger the difference is staggering. I very much doubt the E25 can pen the SU 100M1 reliably frontally either.


This tank isn't balanced at all against its fellow t7 tds and the nice t7 MM suits its assets greatly. T5's basically can't pen it, T6's struggle greatly against it. If you understand how to sidescrape and avoid Jap heavies and T8 Tds the tanks is very OP imo.

Su 101 Feedback

The stock tank is equiped with a T7 gun, which is unlocked on the previous tank the su 100M1 and when you upgrade tank the DPM doesn't increase. Which is slightly confusing as I have gone from being top tier in my T7 tank about 40% of the time to Top tier about 13% of the time. But we all know that the MM is f**cked for t8. 

What is really illogical though is the T7 gun has 2100 ish DPM and also has better DPM than then next 3 upgrades up to a t10 gun. So I did have a t7 ( SU100 M1) tank that could literally annihalate t5 tanks in 2/3 shots and it was meeting them on a regular basis to eventually a T10 gun on a T8 tank with lower DPM facing a Maus/IS7 ( albiet a high penetration ) that I now meet on a fairly regular basis. The idea of a t7 gun doing more DPM than a t10 gun just doesn't sit right with me, WG balancing at its finest. It might be WG's cack handed attempt at making sure the Su 101 isn't god like at T8 but it would make more sense to lower the DPM of the T7 version than neuter the T8 DPM.


The armour is v good again though like its predecessor, the T7 gun with gold is still usable as well. I bounced 2 IS7 shoots in one game and managed to pen his lfp with a gold shot, I don't recall any of my previous T8 tds even coming close to bouncing an IS7 shot ever. I've played RHM, Jagpanther II, Chariot and Kanjpanzer, they are not even compariable in the armour department.

Also the mobility/turning of the T8 feels better than the T7 which was it's one weak point I could think of.


The T7 and T8 tanks of this line appear to be OP and I know the T10 version is a beast, unless the T9 is a complete nightmare then in my opinion this line is by far the easiest I will ever grind as the > 7 tanks are all either good or ok tier for tier.


WG really need to start looking at the balancing of the RU tanks compared to the other nations its getting very silly imo. What do you guys think?

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