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We want a war zone not pretty pictures

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uselessoldman #1 Posted 04 March 2018 - 07:30 PM


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With the new HD maps just around the corner will this really improve the visual side of the game? Yes they may look better than the current ones but I doubt it will make much difference after we have had them a couple of weeks, and personally I dont think the difference is that dramatic when your playing with all the settings maxed out. HOWEVER, I do think things could be improved with a more dramatic visual of a real war zone. In that what I mean is not just tanks exploding but there after burning, buildings that are hit burning. Tanks are full of fuel, that burns on for hours after their destroyed - something even films often get wrong.


Similarly it would be nice to see from the start more destroyed tanks also burning and for it to be visible from quite some distance away. This would also create smoke which as in real life create cover between you and the enemy. and why oh why does it never rain or snow which also would give more atmosphere and cover? Basically I just think everything is far to pretty and not as it would be in reality. If someone fires heat rounds and hits a tree should that not burn? if you hit a tank next to a tree should that not burn to? 


ok I get it, the games engines are still in the dark ages, nothing much has improved in 10 years, in fact looking back at COD UO, I honestly things games are not half the fun they used to be specifically since you can no longer customise your own servers like we all did in the GOOD OLD DAYS before play and play came along.


rant over... cheers for reading my views, just sometimes we all get bored of the way games are going these days especially when you think how much we have invested in them, and how much their owners make in profits from us all

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evilchaosmonkey #2 Posted 04 March 2018 - 07:38 PM


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Has merit as an idea.  Some maps tried and failed on this front (Crapov, Pissen and Stalinshite).


However, many of your effects are cunningly built into the current MM. 

After just 1 or 2 minutes you can see most of your team on fire and wrecked usually. ;)

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