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map removals

map out of rotation map removal good old maps map reduction

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subaruhuni #1 Posted 06 March 2018 - 11:50 AM


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Hi I just really would like to start topic to bring back good maps, but first of all I was watching quickbaby's videos on youtube and got informed about that update 1.0 will remove/take out of rotation several maps. I just would like to ask the editors PLEASE DO NOT RUIN THE GAME, you actually taking the ESSENCE of the game with removing a good variety of brilliant map, Just simply people will play less and less with boring maps specially if u not even adding that amount of map what you taking actually. Everybody like new thinks mean that changes on old maps BUT not removing from rotation. Just before you doing those .. not too suggested and supported steps, ask people, make an ingame survey PLEASE. Otherwise soon or later WOT will go to shed for more people then you expect to bring in.

Balc0ra #2 Posted 06 March 2018 - 02:42 PM

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Maps are removed for a reason this time. Patch 1.0 brings a new graphic engine into the game. Old maps can't run on that engine, and needs to be reworked. That takes 90 days pr map give or take. So not a short job. So some of those are removed as they did not get the HD version in time to work on version 1.0. One of them is kharkov. It's currently undergoing testing for HD. If it works out, it will appear later again. Others like Stalingrad is removed simply because it's the most hated map in the game right now. And the majority did not want to see it again. So WG did not see the point of wasting 90 days reworking it.


That said there are currently 9 brand new maps undergoing HD testing. Inc a new version of Province. A low tier map removed ages ago. So map rotation will be smaller for a little while sure. But once most of them comes back in HD. It will be wroth the wait.


As for those that don't make a return? Well would you rather have a bigger map rotation with more crap maps you don't like to play anyway? Or a smaller one with maps you enjoy more? As I'll take the last one. As most of the maps that are not coming back are maps I hate playing on. Highway is the only one that's in limbo. As they don't know if it will get an HD version at this point in time. And that's fine by me. As that's my #1 most hated map atm.

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