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New and Improved WG WoT Problems...

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Chill_Bro #1 Posted 08 March 2018 - 08:13 PM


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First of all let me thank you for messing things up...


This new MOD Hub, seems a great idea in principle. With ONLY accepted and approved Mods displayed and rated (Good, lets all play with the same available Mods!)

The Bad part is that I could NOT download ASLANS Mod Pack from the link on the Hub and had to 'google it' to find out where I could download it from.
Then it gets worse...
​The EULA terms in ASLANS Mod states that though this Mod is CURRENTLY APPROVED and accepted by WG, this is subject to possible changes in the future.

Now this might not seems such a bad thing, BUT, Imagine that you have installed ASLANS Mod Pack AND some time afterwards WG deem that some dark part of ASLANS Mod Pack is an unacceptable.

You could end up with a surprise 7 day ban!

AND if you have been unlucky for a second time, then you could have your account Permanently Banned...

Not good by any means. Meaning that all this time and money I have invested in this Online Game would be wasted.

I can accept that I choose to play as much as I do, and so any time lost is through my own fault.

However, being Permanently Banned because things that were once acceptable, suddenly become unacceptable is not good for me, for the Game and for its very future!


On to my next Comment...

This WG new and improved, "Help & Support Portal" usefulness is limited.  NOT totally useless, just very limited. (i.e. I don't need to read ALL the Bible to find the Commandment "Thou shan't kill", when the WG support staff would immediately know where I was going wrong!
Now-a-days, there doesn't seem to be any way to contact any of the Support Staff. No "click here for help". No "click here for Support Ticket" (like we used to have). Although I did notice that on the new & improved "Help & Support Portal" there was instructions on "How to add attachments to Tickets" BUT no way to produce a ticket in the first place!
So, exactly how do I raise a Ticket now?
​Why can't I look at my old tickets?

Ideally, when it everything works perfectly (well, as close to it as possible), we don't need Help or support staff etc, but when things start to go wrong or do not work as expected, panic sets in and someone who knows what SHOULD be happening on my computer, will be worth 100 Help & Support Hubs, don't you all agree?


Congratulations, where its due...

I haven't been able to purchase Gold (via my phone) since this new & improved Help & Support Portal has been running.

However, I have checked today and the Centili system and it does seem work. At Last. Many thanks.
The only problem is that I am unable to gift Gold OR purchase Specials, using my phone, Grr...
Small steps, but getting better. Well Done!!


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