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Ranked Season Issue

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oo0oo0oooo0oo0o #1 Posted 09 March 2018 - 09:19 AM


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Hi guys,


does anyone else have winrate issue in this ranked season? I mean I am not bothering about ranked system, it seems much better than the previous ones. At least no one is camping until the time ends atleast. The problem is win/loss percentage. 2 days ago I did 18 battles and lost 14 of them and yesterday played 14 battles and lost 10 of them but still managed to achieve 9 chevrons in total. The problem is some guys get these chevrons pretty easy because they have luck and get for example 50/50 WR streaks. But for me, I must keep/get my chevrons in 75% loss matches and get 1/2 chevys in wins. Is it really fair? I can't understand how it is possible but yesterday my matches were 2-15/3-15/2-15 and such... I'm just 2 chevrons far from rank 15 but it was pretty annoying that I lost my first 8 matches yesterday. I always start daily ranked matches with huge loss streaks.


Just asking. Do you experience the same annoying situtation?

pudelikael #2 Posted 09 March 2018 - 09:43 AM

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but that's the game. if all time you win then it's boring

Simeon85 #3 Posted 09 March 2018 - 09:51 AM


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I was in a game yesterday, we had a Type 5 player moaning he'd lost the last 14 games in a row (very likely BS but whatever), we were playing Ensk and myself and about 4 other members of our team pushed the field hard because it was largely empty and we then basically have the enemy surrounded shooting at them from their cap. 


So you'd think easy win right?


Wrong, their team all turned round to deal with us, almost all of them, you'd think our heavies would take advantage of this opportunity and push in, but nope, 3 Type 5s and an E100 were all hiding because of one IS7 that was on 1k HP, including Mr 'lost 14 games in a row', who was still on full HP and ended up being last alive swarmed by the enemy who should have never won. 


So it was pretty obvious why the guy was losing so much, because he was at no point really trying to win.


It's much like randoms, yeh you could have just been unlucky, but you have a role in every game and might have been able to win some of those games. If you are not wining then check your play and see if you are actually doing the right stuff to win the game, I have found in ranked a lot of players do not, they are only interested in finishing in the top 5 and the hope the team wins for them to gain them a chevron. 

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