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Obj. 268 4 Another misguide to add to list.

Obj. 268 4

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TheOnlyMagician #1 Posted 20 March 2018 - 03:08 PM


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I know we all have the experience of this broken tank in the game, I provide you another illegal/deeply unsportsman like behaviour of wargaming by realising the following (apart from the broken/op armor and other stuff about obj 268 4) 


The tracks are specifically designed at such lower height specifically so that it is impossible for tanks with gun depression 6´ or less is unable to track and damage it at the same time in close combat so that you can circle the tank and kill it (the way many unicum(or not or WG) talks); let alone tracking it is way difficult in tanks with gun depression of less than 7´.

I hope I don't have to give the list of all such doomed tanks with 6´ gun depression or less, tanks I have tried the above in and failed to track it and die are 
T-54 : no russian bias here!
IS-3 : should be russian biased but is not

BC-25t AP : _/\_ o.o

Close combat does not mean hugging it out with the obj 268 4.


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