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After some games on 1.0 and thoughts with it.

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gizaman #1 Posted 22 March 2018 - 12:25 PM

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Tried the new version 1.0 as the rest of you. It seems that loading back into garage takes longer time now. 

It was not lightning fast before but sure is not faster now.

Also the time to get into a game has gone up. Plus the time of synchronizing of your equipment etc. has gone up a lot.

There seems to be a lot of things to optimise in the comming patches.

Small bug: My T110e3 has the american inch description on the ammo rounds plus repeats the type of ammo in the name.


Also when they made the maps much more flat and open, it was a buff of certain tanks. Gun depression does not matter so much more when maps are getting more flat.

Furthermore the more open maps increases the importance of view range. 

I am sure that Russian tanks will like the more flat maps with their lower gun depression. Slow, big and high units will hate it more. Since they will have a harder time stay in cover behind hills. Plus gets spotted further away.


It is still a bit early to say something about map balance but tried Erlenberg. The developers wanted it to be a more north vs south map. Well it will quickly become a east vs west as it used to.


Will still have to test it out but could also like if there was a better way of testing graphic settings. Like testing out the different ones on some kind of trial map.


ApocalypseSquad #2 Posted 22 March 2018 - 01:29 PM


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I think there are some major unintended consequences arising from the map changes.  As WG have said openly, these were made to help those (largely Russian) tanks that pay for their above average armour, mobility and firepower with reduced gun depression.  Well, that no longer seems much of a trade off and the flatter maps will make those (largely US and British) tanks with weak hulls more vulnerable.    C'est la vie.



However the impact goes beyond this.  Now, I am not much of an arty player.  I just do a daily double in 1 line principally to keep myself up to speed with the terrain shadows, blind spots etc.  However I took my new, stock Lorraine 155 out last night and immediately aced it.  This had nothing to do with my skills as a player, or the enemies incompetence.  It was just that so many places that were once inaccessible to arty are now open targets.  There are precious few places to hide.


I suspect that this may be an issue for some people.  :hiding:

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