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What is the SU-101 actually good at?

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Xarife #1 Posted 24 March 2018 - 03:28 PM


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Let's have a talk about the SU-101. Please don't see it as some form of crying, just tell me if I am wrong or if you have some tips concerning the playstyle of this tank.

1. You start with a 175/235 Pen gun while mostly facing tier 9-10 tanks. SAD!

2. It takes around 130k Exp until you have finally reached the top gun. (still lacking 10k Exp in my case)

3. Before you've reached the top gun you somehow need 50/50 Ap/Heat ammo on the 320 alpha D54 to not appear entirely useless. Prepare for an other financial crisis.

4. You've got armor. But not enough. Most/Many T8s (especially all those 230 pen T8 prems) can pen your upper and lower plate easily. Actually the SU-100M1 has overall better armor regarding its tier, the gun depression and the superstructure. Let's not talk about T9 or T10 tanks since these have absolutely zero trouble penning your superstructure as well (if properly shot by the opponent).

5. Well again I would like to mention the gun depression a second time. 3 degrees are horrible.

6. I was not able to play the SU-101 before 9.22 was released though according to the data they nerfed the DPM by almost 1k and gave the tank a nearly 40mm armor buff. Well obviously armor in this game is pretty much useless when it isn't reliable.

7. Traverse speed. Just don't ever go open field. Always keep the redline close by when lights or meds are approaching. This tank turns slower than a T28.





- superstructure can bounce T10s

- sidescraping works fine

- prem ammo penetration values

- high top speed and good acceleration

- topgun has good pen values




- the grind for the topgun is one of the worst in the game when not relying on gold ammo

- a gun depression of 3 degrees

- overall armor is not effective against T8s or higher

- dpm is 3rd worst of all tier 8 TDs with 2200 base dpm (only udes and the amx perform worse)

- the accuracy of your gun forces you to encounter opponents close to mid range

- playing this tank as an assault TD often won't work out due to the low view range. Don't even try to go for the Strv on your own since its just suicide.

- I was 6 times on fire and had two ammoracks in the past 29 matches.


Compared to the prem WZ-120-1G FT the SU-101 seems to be worse in almost every aspect.

So if there is a good player (avg. dmg/game around 2,5-3k) please enlighten me how to play this tank. I feel like redline camping and switching to prem is more or less the only thing to do when facing T10s and not having the topgun. Thanks for your advices in advance!

doriansky1 #2 Posted 24 March 2018 - 04:01 PM


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Preety bad TD, but somehow i managed to have 2.1k average dmg after 100 battles. The only positive aspects : decent alpha damage 440 and insane pen on the HEAT rounds (better premium rounds comnpared with the tier 9  Obj. 263). You have to try to support your heavies from the first line, wait for enemy heavies to shoot and then peak and take your shot. Sniping with this tank is impossible, and also a bad idea in general (that's my opinion at least, except for TDs like Strvs). Shell velocity is also another thing which makes sniping a bad idea , apart from the horrendous accuracy.

Agree, compared with WZ-120-1G FT this is worse in every single aspect, but that's the case for any other tier 8 TD.

Dava_117 #3 Posted 24 March 2018 - 04:27 PM


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WG managed to destroy a sniping TD line changing it into assault gun while forget the assault gun line pretending ISU and 704 could play as snipers... :facepalm:

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