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Hull traverse


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Aannoy #1 Posted 29 March 2018 - 10:57 PM


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Hi all, one strange thing i noticed, vk1602 hull travers speed (in game) is better (slightly) then t-50 traverse speed (TESTED) but in tank stats it is different story  vk1602  36d/s and t-50 48d/s these are base stats.

So my friend and i tested, both tanks turning in place, crew 100% and bia, vk1602 is slightly better, so that bothers me as hell because i picked t-50 over vk1602 just becouse of that, vk1602 is better in every other aspect and apparently it is better in this one too. Then i search and try to figure out how traverse speed works and find one of the best if not the best guide about that (http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/497807-%E2%98%85-scorpions-den-calculating-actual-traverse-speed-of-your-tanks-%E2%98%85/) and calculate effective traverse for both tanks and got results that stated that t-50 is indeed better at traversing by a mile but in game it is another story. Here are results of calculations:

(400/300)x48x(0.96/0.96)x((14.062/14.262)x1)=63.1d/s        hard  terrain
(400/300)x48x(0.96/1.05)x((14.062/14.262)x1)=57.7d/s        medium  terrain
(400/300)x48x(0.96/1.82)x((14.062/14.262)x1)=33.2d/s        soft terrain
vk1602 leopard
(550/460)x36x(0.96/0.96)x((22000/22200)x0.95)=40.5d/s     hard  terrain
(550/460)x36x(0.96/1.05)x((22000/22200)x0.95)=37d/s        medium terrain
(550/460)x36x(0.96/2.01)x((22000/22200)x0.95)=19.3d/s     soft terrain
If anyone knows explanation on this feel free to share it and in advance big thanks to all who participated.
Update: Slight difference in calculations (updated) because i found out that vk1602 can pivot and t-50 cant.
Is pivot reason for faster vk1602 traverse??
If it is then hull traverse stats are [edited]! :)

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Captain_Kremen0 #2 Posted 29 March 2018 - 11:12 PM


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thank [edited]for drugs and beer.

BP_OMowe #3 Posted 30 March 2018 - 12:34 AM


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The tanks being pimped out makes the difference even more pronounced,comparing them at tanks.gg:


The only explanation I can offer without more info (like some replays) is that the VK1602's driver have some skills the T-50's driver is lacking, Clutch Breaking and/or Off-road Driving to be specific.

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