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G_host_steel #1 Posted 31 March 2018 - 06:59 PM


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We are an English speaking multi cultural, multi nationality clan. Founded very recently by a core of experienced Officers and players to build a clan that welcomes anyone who shares our ethos and beliefs in how we believe the game should be played.


We believe in tolerance, respect and fairness for all our members and those that we fight in game. We do not believe that raging, flaming or discriminatory language has any place in the game. We believe members should be free to play and learn in a safe environment with no abuse. Where they share a common identity and work with each other. Where there are no divisions, where members can play with friends, make new ones and take part in whatever form of play that suits them, casual platooning, solo or team battles. We believe that our public rooms, being a place for all, including younger members, should not experience repeated bad language. We do, especially the Commander, occasionally swear when hit by arty. We are only human.


We require no minimum level of WN8, just a friendly and positive attitude. We welcome both experienced players and those looking to learn. Real life always comes first. Wot is just a game and should be played for fun.


We are new so will particularly welcome anybody with whom our ethos strikes a chord and thinks that they can contribute to developing the clan.


Team battles and Strongholds will be run. Mentoring and some training will be available as and when we have the capacity to provide it. Learning by platooning is always available.


While we aim to run the clan with a light touch and be responsive to members, we do not tolerate any member who consistently goes against our ethos and standards of behaviour.


If this sounds like your sort of clan, there is a link to our ‘Discord’ channel below or message one of our Officers in game.


We look forward to welcoming you to TETRA.


Discord: https://discord.gg/pQZZK7d

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