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[0__0] Is now recruiting!

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ledger_invader_ #1 Posted 08 April 2018 - 04:03 PM


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Our clan is now recruiting! Have a look at our requirements, and see if you are interested in our clan and what we do. See you late Guys!

What we do:
Skirmishes, advances and Clan wars from 6:00 CET - 8:30 CET.

To join you will need a most recent WN8 of 1300, and at least 2 Tier 10 and 4 Tier 8 vehicles in you garage. 

We use discord. Our server link is https://discord.gg/ZKUcrWp. 

Preferred tanks:
Tier X: Heavies: IS-7, Type 5 Heavy, E-100, Super Conqueror, AMX 50 B
Mediums: Obj 140, Obj 430 U, BC 25T,
Lights: T-100 LT, AMX 13 105
TDs: Strv-103B, Obj 268 V4, T110E3
SPG: T92, BC 155 58

Tier VII: Heavies: IS-3, T26E5 (patriot), AMX 50 100
Mediums: Lorraine 40T, T44
Lights: M41 90 GF, WZ-132, BC-12 T
TDs: Strv S1, Skorpion G, T28
SPG: M40/M43

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